Valuing Your Online Community

When it comes to your online community, typically three thoughts pop up when asked if your following cares:

  1. Um…I don’t have an online community
  2. Of course they do, they love me
  3. No, I don’t really have a following and I forgot the passwords anyway

Whether you think so or not, an online presence is important and social media marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy. If you want an engaged online community, it’s time to rethink your answer and approach it from a fresh angle.

“I don’t have an online community”

Even if you think your business doesn’t need a blog, or a website, or a social media presence it does. There is a huge audience out there that you’re completely missing and you need to make it a priority to reach out. To build an online presence, identify, connect and engage in the diverse online clients that are attracted to your concept. Spread your brand, widen your customer base and don’t forget what you set out to do in the first place. Your online efforts are all part of the mission to fulfill your company’s original purpose.

“Of course, they love me”

 Don’t be so sure. You might have thousands of followers, but not a high level of genuine interest and engagement with your service or product. Jay Baer, an American marketing consultant, reminded us that the average Facebook user is shown 1,500 pieces of content out of the thousands of posts they have liked, commented on and people they follow. Out of the constant bombardment of information users experience, the chance that your posts will be viewed by each of your followers is highly unlikely if not impossible. You need to track your data to accurately understand your social media efforts and be diligent in your posting efforts. However, don’t push out bad content for the sake of getting noticed —  make sure your content is genuine and thoughtful. 

“No, they don’t and I forgot the passwords anyway”

If this is you, please revisit your business goals and have a serious conversation with your marketing team on why the online marketing efforts are so low. If you want loyal, happy, returning customers you have to build their trust, provide up-to-date information and supply high-quality service. Part of that is lending an ear to the digital world and sending out interactive, accurate posts with the intent to get people aware and excited about your business. An absent, abandoned account will send a poor message.

I hope the only thought you have now is, “How can I challenge myself to be more diligent with my digital marketing campaign and create a more interactive, quality presence?”


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Sep 9, 2015