Want Freedom and Flexibility? Go Mobile!

It’s still true that people retain preconceived notions of what franchise ownership might look like for them. If it isn’t a fast-food chain (see the book, More Than Just French Fries), there’s an assumption of needing a brick-and-mortar storefront, stocking endless shelves with inventory, and watching every penny until the breakeven point is reached on their investment. That’s not to say that a few of these notions aren’t true for some franchise opportunities, but with thousands of concepts to choose from, there’s always an alternative.

One particular category that has maintained steady interest among the Canadian provinces is the mobile-based franchise concept. Though they come in many forms, shapes, and sizes, mobile businesses can provide owners with the freedom and flexibility to break the chains of a typical 9-to-5 desk job—but without a great deal of hassle during ramp-up. Here are but a few reasons why mobile-based businesses are a hit with owners and consumers alike…

Consumer Convenience

At the heart of it all is convenience. And it’s staggering to consider how far we’ve come in such a short period. Spurred on by technology and the on-demand business model, consumers need to go out and shop less and less. Especially if the shopping is willing to come to you directly. There was a time people had to dine out to eat at restaurants. Now these same restaurants make an additional profit by bringing the dining right to your front door. Same food, just more convenient.

Outsourcing To-Do Lists

For years now, service-based industries have cropped up, ready to cross off anything on what used to be your chores list. House cleaning? They’ll show up and do it for you. Pet grooming? Your precious fur baby can get a bath in the back of a mobile van in your own driveway. Junk removal? Window washing? Interior decorating? These mobile service vendors are now a click or call away.

We understand the demand-side, as consumers are much more willing to farm out responsibilities or take advantage of conveniences to save time. But what’s in it for mobile-based owners? As it turns out, quite a lot.

The Open Road

A great deal of entrepreneurial-minded individuals choose franchising as a route to business ownership to break free from their old career routines. Setting and servicing multiple appointments a day gives them the “open road” freedom and variety they crave. The business concept itself is often a secondary consideration to the lifestyle and earning potential made possible by mobile-based opportunities. 


It’s also known that mobile-based franchise opportunities skew to the more affordable investment level, compared to all franchises. The reason should be obvious. No site selection, real estate leases, costly overhead, additional staffing, or grand opening ceremonies are necessary. Just typically an adequately sized van, stocked with supplies, and you’re ready to roll (literally). And it typically means a much quicker ramp-up time.

If you’d like to explore the advantages of investigating a mobile-based franchise, let FranNet of Canada lead you to an opportunity that meets with your interest. All of our services are always no-cost and no-obligation. With consultants serving every Canadian province, there’s a FranNet of Canada representative near you, who also lives and works in your territory. Find out who we are by selecting “Canada” on the FranNet Franchise Consultant Directory page of our website.


Sep 21, 2021