What Can a Franchise Adviser do For Me?

Considering working with a franchise adviser, but worried it might be too good to be true?

In today’s post, the FranNet team explains how franchise advisers add value to the research process.

Franchise advisers enable quality research in the Internet Era.

The Internet irreversibly changed the way our culture operates. We go online to order food, socialize with friends, and apply for jobs. We even trust the internet to inform some of the biggest decisions of our lives, from real estate moves to franchise investments.

Back in the 1990s, prospective franchisees had little to work with. Information about franchise systems was hard to come by; investors got word-of-mouth insights at best, and polished franchisor information packets more often than not. Some people found success digging through franchise directions, newspaper archives, and industry trade show gossip, but well-informed purchase decisions were few and far between.

Today, prospective franchisees have the opposite problem. A simple Google search for “franchise opportunities” yields nearly 6-million results in 0.88 seconds – what are first time buyers supposed to do with this deluge? If you spent 10 seconds looking at every search result that comes up, you’ll have wasted nearly 2 years speed-reading through unverified sources, and will probably have more unanswered questions than when you started.

The Information Age has made franchise research more overwhelming than ever. Finding quality leads isn’t easy, and that’s one reason why so many people find value in working with authoritative and experienced franchise advisers, rather than getting caught up in the web.

When you work with a franchise adviser from the FranNet team, you get access to a wealth of academic and experiential knowledge. We guide prospective franchisees based on the scope and insight gained working with more than 78,000 franchise units across Canada.

Franchise advisers find the right fit for you.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a franchise adviser is that it maximizes your chances of finding the perfect franchise fit.

At FranNet, our franchise selection process starts with a proven proprietary profiling method. We designed this “formula” to help match your unique goals, personality, and budget with the right franchise opportunities.

First, we figure out what makes you tick. Profiling our candidates gives us a sense of which industries to recommend, and ensures we find specific franchisors whose personalities gel with our prospects. Once we’ve created your profile, we help you create a business model that suits your work style. This helps us find franchise brands that operate in a way that complements your business preferences and priorities.

Next, we help you determine goals in your personal, professional, and financial life that owning a franchise would help you accomplish. This step is crucial; career-oriented individuals who want a consuming vocation will receive very different recommendations than those looking to expand their investment portfolio with a business they can leave on “cruise control.”

Once we’ve determined your character, business model, and unique goals, we begin to populate a shortlist of eligible franchises whose operations, schedule, start-up fees, and philosophies match yours.

But we don’t stop there – unless you’ve found your dream job, anyway. A quality franchise adviser will always stress that you should never settle! Investing in a franchise is a huge decision, and it takes time. If our initial recommendations don’t fit, we’ll keep working until we get it right.


Learn more about what a franchise adviser can for you.

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Jan 16, 2017