When to start your own business

It’s the age-old question when it comes to starting your own business; and here’s the funny part – it’s actually the first one: when is the right time to start your own business?

That my friends, is the $64,000.00 question.

Taking the leap to become self-employed is just that, a leap. It’s a leap out of your comfort zone. It’s a leap into the unknown. It’s a leap into your destiny.

(Complacency be damned! I’m going to do this!’ you scream).

Starting your own business is not unlike anything else you will or have done. You probably don’t realize how much experience you have with wallowing over any big decision – here, let me remind you of a few – which person to ask to your prom (or which person is going to ask me to the prom!), which college do I want to attend, where should I move, when will he pop the question (or how am I going to pop the question?) when to start a family – all sound somewhat familiar, right? Well, like I said, all these experiences have groomed you for this moment.

So, now is the time to stop daydreaming about it in your 8×6 faux brown cube. You wanted the work/life balance that was promised, but it hasn’t happened. You wanted to be apart of the departmental decision-making, but that failed to come true. Now, instead of waiting for that timely corporate re-org or the annual end of fiscal year layoffs, why not make the leap yourself.  Working for yourself, you can certainly avoid the corporate pitfalls I just explained.

Once you make the leap, you can then choose whom you would want to work with. You can create the culture you always wanted. You can take the risk and reap the rewards too.

Meeting with a FranNet Career Transition Expert can help you with the entire decision making. A leap of faith, as it were.

Who here has made the leap?

For more info, check out this great article from Inc. magazine!

Create your future!

Sep 10, 2012