Which Franchise Concepts are in Your Fantasy Draft Pool?

One thing that never ceases to amaze the entrepreneurial clients we serve at FranNet is the sheer number of franchise business concepts available to consider. Currently, that number appears to be topping 4,000. A figure like that might lead you to believe that there simply has to be a business out there with your name on it. And you’d be correct. From a business category standpoint, FranNet features over 50 avenues under such groupings as automotive, financial services, health and wellness and so on. It got us to thinking about how you think.

Millions of people across the U.S. are involved in fantasy sports leagues. It’s a concept where individuals competing in a league “draft” players or participants from different major league teams and have their “teams” play against one another based on the combined teams’ player statistics in weekly games. But the process begins with a fantasy draft pool. The object is to scout, evaluate and secure the best performing players for your team. Just like the annual NFL Draft, really. What would be an example that really drives the point of the process home? Everybody wants to draft Tom Brady of the New England Patriots or Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Why is that? Because they’re the two best statistical quarterbacks playing in the NFL.

So, let apply this same approach to a franchise search. When you make an appointment with a qualified FranNet representative, you may have a fantasy draft pool of franchise concepts ready to present to us. Side note—this isn’t a necessary step, but we do appreciate hearing your thoughts on why you think a particular franchise would be a good fit for you, personally. Others come in the door and ask, “what do you have for me?” Either way, the discussion has begun and we’re down the road.

If you do want to put together a fantasy draft pool of franchise concepts, you may want to begin with where you have previous experience. Many a quick service restaurant owner once worked behind the counter, with intimate knowledge of how to run a business such as this. You also may want to consider a concept for which you have a passion, and not necessarily requisite experience. Keep in mind that one of the blessings of franchising is the business model, which is designed to follow a system whether you have previous experience or not.

As you prepare for your own franchise fantasy draft pool, we want to leave you with an intriguing thought. If you talk to many of our satisfied franchise business owners who went on to become their own boss, you may hear a familiar refrain among them. Here’s a direct quote: “I never saw myself running a _______________ business, but here I am!” And yet the level of satisfaction these folks have is unmistakable. That’s truly the beauty of franchising, as it pertains to one of three routes you can take in becoming your own boss on the entrepreneurial path.

If you’re interested in franchising, why not create a fantasy draft pool of picks for us to discuss? Tell us why you drafted that QSR, a senior care concept and a pet-sitting franchise. We want to find out what makes you tick. What kind of wants and needs you and your family hope to get out of owning your own business.

Bring your selections and we’ll go head to head on the matchups in determining the best fit for you. And in this game, you’re guaranteed to win.

Let’s chat! There’s a local FranNet consultant right in your market who knows that market inside and out – knows the personality of the market – knows the competitive landscape. FranNet has a great track record of assisting individuals on their path to entrepreneurship, and one of our franchise experts would love to provide you with guidance free of charge. Sound like something you might be interested in? Get started here and find your local consultant right now!

Sep 27, 2018