Why Canadian Veterans Make Ideal Franchisees

Anyone who has what it takes to serve in the military will have many of the attributes franchisors look for in a good franchisee. Obviously it helps to be business savvy and have some managerial acumen, but military members have a lot to offer franchisors.

Let’s take a look at some of these things.


Of course being a member of the military means having discipline in your life. It takes dedication to get through basic training and live the type of lifestyle that representing the military requires. Soldiers don’t complain about what they have to do, they just know they have a goal to reach and do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

When you own a franchise, you also have to have discipline. Getting a business up and running — even when you have the help and guidance of a franchisor — is a big undertaking and you will be required to give up much of your time to make the business a success. You’ll need to go in when you don’t really feel like it, perform mundane tasks at times and sell sell sell.


Sometimes you have to do things in the military that are difficult, other times they seem nearly impossible and you will even have to deal with the occasional bit of tedium. But, no matter what, the job has to be done and goal has to be reached. Military members have to persevere through all kinds of challenges.

Franchisees have to persevere through challenges, too. Slow business days, competitors popping up all over the place, time away from friends and family, you will have to face all of these and maintain the drive to succeed.


When you join the military, you commit to it 100%. You can’t give only 75% effort or throw your hands up in frustration if things aren’t going smoothly. It takes a strong commitment to join the military and make it your life and you have to be all in when you do it. It could be a matter of life or death.

While franchising isn’t quite the life or death situation the military can potentially be, it does take a strong commitment to buy and run a franchise.You have to commit to its success and that means working a lot of hours and taking on the risk of business ownership.

Ability to Work Within an Established System

The military has its way of doing things and when you join, you are expected to fit within that system. You do the training, learn the processes and use what you’ve learned to perform your duties and reach the desired outcomes.

Joining a franchise is quite similar. You take your training, learn the various processes the franchise uses to run and you follow those processes so you can build your franchise location into a success. That’s not to say you can’t express an opinion or make a suggestion. Many franchisors welcome feedback from their franchisees and some even solicit ideas from franchisees on how to run their systems better.


Canadian military members make ideal franchisees much of time because they’ve received training that helps them not only in their military career, but in their civilian life, too. Perhaps the most important thing veterans bring to the table is the natural leadership skills they pick up while in the military.

If you can lead a team of soldiers, leading and training a team of employees should be no problem. It takes motivation and a guiding hand to take a group of strangers and get them to work together as a cohesive unit. Veterans have this ability because they’ve been there and done it with their military training.

If you are a veteran and you’re ready to take the leap into franchising in your civilian life, sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today. We would be thrilled to help you with your transition to civilian life. Even if you are not a veteran, but you are thinking about franchise ownership, contact us and let us help you find your perfect franchising fit.   

Nov 7, 2018