Why FranNet Consultants are a Different Breed of Matchmaker

The franchising industry has its fair share of brokers and consultants that help guide prospective franchisees in the investigative process. But few have the level of experience, acumen and knowledge to help clients find a perfect match. FranNet’s representatives are consultants, not salespeople. We keep the client’s best interests in mind ahead of our own.

What makes FranNet consultants a different breed of franchise matchmakers? Let’s review the many advantages of enlisting our no-cost, no-obligation assistance:

Locals Only

FranNet has an independent network of over 100 local consultants who both work and live in your area. If you begin the franchise investigative process with us, you’ll be guided by a consultant who is familiar with your state or area, its laws and business regulations, and a local network of contacts who we can refer for assistance. And many of our consultants have franchise ownership experience of their own.

Risk Reduction

FranNet consultants have the experience and know-how to reduce your risk. We pre-qualify our clients’ financial capabilities and conduct personal readiness assessments to align your franchise ownership options with concepts that only suit your requirements. Our consultation process is designed to save you time and money spent researching these choices on your own.

We’re Encouraging

Navigating the franchise investigative process with our clients is done with encouragement. We want you to succeed in achieving business ownership with a suitable franchise. We play to your strengths while encouraging you to keep an open mind throughout the journey. We continually ask the questions that speak to the reasons why a particular concept could be a fit—but we never influence your decision-making.

Turnkey Partners

FranNet consultants begin the franchise investigative process by studying the results of your assessment. And our job doesn’t end until you sign on the dotted line to become your own boss. We’ll be there to guide you through every step of the process. From a review of recommended concepts to validation calls with others in the system, to introductions to the brand’s executive leadership, we’re committed to providing real representation of your interests. Every step of the way.

Becoming a business owner through franchising can be a large and complex decision. You have to consider financing, concept research, legality, due diligence, training, and more. Without a seasoned FranNet consultant, these tasks can be overwhelming to handle on your own, possibly affecting your odds of success. Our locally based consultants take all of your considerations into account, handling any obstacles and challenges that occur along the way.  By streamlining the process, we increase the odds that you’ll not only land the business of your dreams, but also succeed in running it.

A final note that addresses our commitment to you. When you work with us, you’ll never feel pressured to make a decision or take any specific action. FranNet believes so strongly in our value proposition, we created our own Client Bill of Rights. There are 10 different rights that make up our code of conduct and ethics, documenting our commitment to you in providing industry-leading service and consultation.

We invite you to experience our matchmaking abilities. Firsthand.

Feb 1, 2021