Why (not) start a lawn & garden franchise this summer?

franchise this summer? Summer is beginning its wind down for the year and that means shedding some tears for many Canadians as the days start to get shorter, but before you start to despair about being buried under a pile of snow, remember that it’s not too late to get a lawn and garden franchise up and running. 

Lawns will only be growing for another couple of months, but that still gives you plenty of time to start advertising and gathering clients. All of that is made much easier when you join a franchise, as they will have proven methods for doing just that. 

The Government of Canada defines landscaping businesses as “establishments primarily engaged in providing landscape care and maintenance services and/or installing trees, shrubs, plants, lawns or gardens, and walkways, retaining walls, decks, fences, ponds and similar structures.”

It’s so much more than just cutting grass!

Why would you want to join a lawn and garden franchise, though?

Well, consider this: The Numbers are Good

We don’t know the exact numbers, but we feel pretty safe in proclaiming that there are a lot of lawns in Canada. Nearly every household has a lawn, many apartment blocks and condo developments have lawns, hospitals, schools, government buildings, parks, churches, cemeteries, airports, power right-of-ways and a whole lot of other places all have manicured lawns and/or wild grass and bushes to cut. And many of those lawns and yards are taken care of by third-party contractors. 

When you start a lawn and garden business, you’re not just cutting homeowner’s lawns. You may be able to secure some large, lucrative contracts from local governments or organizations. An ownership group that has multiple condo properties can give a landscaping business all the work it needs to be profitable. 

According to numbers from the Government of Canada, there are nearly 21,000 landscaping businesses in the country bringing in an average of $373,500 in revenue. Over 80% of these landscaping businesses are profitable. 

You Can Pair it With Snow Removal for a Year-Round Business

Obviously, you can’t do landscaping year-round in Canada, but for those months when snow and ice rule all, you can switch to snow removal and keep yourself busy throughout the winter. Just add some snowblowers and shovels to your arsenal of lawnmowers and hedge clippers and you’ll be all set to be making revenue in both summer and winter. Add leaf raking and that takes care of the fall and you can take it easy in spring. 

A Franchisor Will Help You

While you’ll still need to do a lot of the sales yourself, a franchise will help you with national or regional advertising of the brand and they may also help you with marketing materials and even administrative duties. The franchise wants the entire brand to be strong and that means helping its franchisees be successful. 

Franchisors will give you the necessary training you require and will help you lease the equipment you need to get started. There will be grand opening assistance and all kinds of training to take advantage of. When you join a franchise, you are joining a group of people who are all working toward the same goal of making the overall brand successful so everyone can profit from that success. 

You Get to Work Outside

If being inside a stuffy office isn’t for you, than working outdoors cutting grass, sculpting hedges and bushes and planting and maintaining gardens may be more up your alley. You will get to be out in the sunshine and fresh air soaking up the beautiful Canadian summer.  

As your business grows, you can choose to take on a more administrative role if you want or you can stick to the grass cutting. It’s your business, so you can play whatever role suits you better. How about the role of successful businessperson? That would suit you just fine, wouldn’t it?

Before you start a lawn and garden franchise, you have to find the right one. Sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today and let us help you on your way to business ownership and wealth building.

Aug 3, 2018