Why You Should Hire a Veteran for Your Franchise Business

Hiring employees is one of the most difficult things a business owner has to do. The wrong hire early in a business’ tenure can spell disaster for that business, even causing it to fail completely. Clearly, you have to put a lot of consideration into the employees you hire.

There is one group of people who tend to stand above all others when it comes to being employees because they’ve already proven to be trustworthy and committed to excellence. That group is honourably discharged veterans. Between 4,000 – 5,000 military members leave the military each year and many of them are looking for jobs in the private sector.

Franchise business owners are in a great position to help military veterans transition to civilian life by offering them gainful employment where they can use their skills and training. This is why you should hire honourably discharged veterans for your franchise business:

They’ve already given so much to you with their service.

Every Canadian owes our military members past and present so much. They choose to serve a greater good by taking their talents to the military and serving our country both within its borders and overseas. By giving a veteran a job, you are showing appreciation for their service. That’s not so say you should hire just anyone who has served in the military. Obviously they have to fit what you’re looking for and have the requisite skills to perform the duties asked of them, but if you’re considering two resumes that are extremely close, if one of the applicants is a former military member, that’s a good reason for leaning toward hiring that person.

There’s nothing that you can give them to do that will be as hard as what they’ve already been through.

No matter how hard the work is in your business, someone who has gone through military training has likely already done things that are more demanding physically and mentally than what you can throw at them.

This is great news if the work is physically or mentally demanding. Having someone who is prepared for challenging tasks and who won’t be intimidated by hard work is a bonus to a small business owner.

They bring leadership.

Veterans have gone through training and experiences that give them leadership skills and they can bring those to your business. Having strong leaders in your business is valuable because they can help you steer your team and take some of the onus off of you in the leadership department.

You already know they’re reliable and capable. All they need is the right training and they can be an extremely valuable asset for your business, as they bring planning, teamwork, communication and management skills to the table.  

Your community will support you.

Supporting veterans is universally lauded and if your community members know that you support veterans by giving them jobs, they will, in turn, show their appreciation by patronizing your business.

Other ways you can support veterans include offering discounts to military members and donating a portion of sales or tips to organizations that help veterans. Doing good for them will bring you a lot of business.

Before you hire a veteran, you have to have a franchise business and before you have a franchise business, you have to find the perfect one for you. Sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today. We would be delighted to help you take that first step toward a new, brighter future so you can hire a veteran and give them a brighter future, too.

Nov 7, 2018