Why You Should Stop Multi-Tasking in Your Franchise Business

These days, people are always talking about multi-tasking. They wear their busyness and their so-called ability to handle multiple tasks at once as a badge of honor. But the truth is, if you are multitasking in your franchise business, you are probably not giving it your best. In fact, you are probably being a lot less productive than you think.

Ask yourself how you can give your franchisor, your customers or your staff your absolute best. Is it by having your attention divided fourteen different ways, or is it by zeroing in on the task at hand?

Not only does multitasking cause you to lose focus and make the quality of your work suffer, it can also actually make you less productive than you would be if you simply focused on one thing at a time. In one study on multitasking done at the University of Michigan, it was discovered that even with just two tasks, if you switch in the middle in can increase the time it takes to do both tasks by as much as 25%.

So if multitasking is not the answer to improve productivity in your franchise business, what is?

Here are a few suggestions:

Finish what you start

If leaving a job part way through causes you to lose precious time and productivity, then don’t leave it. Once you start working on something, whether it is creating a sales presentation, updating employee information or watching a training video, then see it through to completion. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll have to get back to it at another time.

Do the tough stuff first

If you know there are duties you need to tackle today that you don’t particularly enjoy then try to do those first – that way you won’t have them hanging over your head very long. Does number crunching make your head spin? Then try to schedule your meetings with your accountant in the morning. Do sales calls to certain clients or prospects give you butterflies in your stomach? Then make those calls first.

Resist the tyranny of the urgent

If you are going to operate a franchise business, there will always be those urgent tasks that can keep you from doing what is truly important. Urgent but unimportant tasks may be answering emails or phone calls from people who you know are just tire-kicking. Or it may be trying to settle a petty dispute between employees.

The problem is, if you occupy yourself with these types of matters you can get bogged day for days or weeks in issues that ultimately don’t help your business. The answer here is to delegate or ignore.

Learn to say no

One of the best ways to improve your productivity is to say no to things that don’t help your business or that you don’t have capacity to take on. Are you serving all the clients you can presently handle? Then stop taking new ones until you can grow your capacity.

Have a set time that you check your emails

Checking email is one of the biggest time wasters out there. Instead of continually looking at your inbox every time you hear that little “chime”, turn your notifications off and only check and respond to emails at certain times.  Don’t worry, they won’t be so urgent that they can’t wait a few hours!

Remember, if you have a franchise business, you are going to be busy. And while there are lots of ways to improve your productivity, multitasking is not one of them!

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Feb 23, 2016