Work Together, Live Together: Marriage and the Small Business Owner

Some couples dream of being able to spend their days together. As a couple who owns your own business, you made your dream a reality. Now that you are building your life together as a couple and as successful business owners, you need to set some boundaries at home and at work to help make both ventures a success.

Tips for Maintaining Balance at Work

1. Focus on What Makes You Happy.  If you are great with numbers and your spouse prefers to meet and greet customers, delegate these jobs accordingly. Just like any working relationship, knowing your roles and responsibilities is important for job satisfaction and personal growth.

2. Create Your Niche. It’s ok to explore new avenues of business. As your business grows, you may develop new business relationships. Not all these business relationships are relevant to the areas that your spouse is working on but keep your partner in the loop.

3.  Decide How to Handle Daily Tasks. Keep your employees in mind when you are thinking of how to run the daily operations. Make it known that if they speak to one spouse, the other knows so employees aren’t caught in the middle or saying the same thing twice.

Tips for Maintaining Balance at Home

1. Leave Work at Work. You need time together as a couple. Learn to leave all your work stresses and triggers at the office. Schedule a few hours on a weekend day once or twice a month to catch up on things that just can’t wait.

2. Schedule Time Apart. You need time as individuals. Be sure to maintain interests other than those that pertain to your spouse or your work. Take up a new hobby, join a wine club or just make a date to go out with friends. It gives you both time to recharge.

3. Schedule a Date Night. This is your chance to bring romance back into your life. Choose a night out on the town, a concert or something fun that you both can enjoy.

This is a great adventure that you are embarking on. Enjoy the time you get to spend together and the time you spend apart. Good luck!

Nov 9, 2017