You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

In the franchise industry, there are countless individuals that prove day in and day out what hard work looks like for a business owner, and how rewarding it is to see their efforts make a difference in their community and in their life. At FranNet, we love to share success stories with others in hopes that any entrepreneur will read it and know that they too can chase their dreams and flourish.

Silicon Valley in San Francisco is an area many people recognize because of the many prominent start-ups and global technology companies that reside there. However, many residents are quickly realizing the professional benefits of spending time with a progressive mentoring program called the San José Small Business Ignite. Katie Fagan, FranNet of San Jose-San Francisco, works alongside 60 professionals who are dedicated to providing training, mentoring and networking sessions to help small businesses grow and thrive.

“The Small Business Ignite has always and will continue to encourage successful business men and women to share their knowledge and help others succeed,” said Katie. “I learned a long time ago that no matter what your successes are, you should always have a mentor and always pay it forward. It is a key to successful people.”

As a franchise specialist with FranNet, Katie is determined to make sure her coaching aligns with the client’s goals, values, lifestyle, and interests. She supports entrepreneurs through the process of franchising and is a part of figuring out whether or not it is a fit for them. At the San José Small Business Ignite, Katie continues to focus on helping others by increasing sales for other peoples companies through marketing and local connections. In business ownership, she frequently reminds others that there are two, very important details to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t Give Up: You will have up days and down days and the ups will be VERY up, and the downs will be earth shattering. Learn from it, grow and move forward.
  2. Your Business Reputation Is Key: Always strive to be the best of whatever you are in.


“Being in business is an ever evolving life event,” says Katie. “As a mentor, these women have shown me that any idea can be turned into a business with a little bit of passion for your local community. I have learned how truly lucky I am to be a business owner, and they both have shown me that no hurdle is too big to get yourself there.”

Everyone who is part of the San José Small Business Ignite offers services to people in the Bay Area (San Jose, especially) looking to start a business at no cost. Other notable organizations that work closely with the program are the SBDC, SCORE, local governments and local banks. One of Katie’s favorite parts of Business Ignite is getting to know true entrepreneurs and contributing to their growth while watching them evolve from their first sale to success.


“One woman and her husband bought a coffee shop, when one month into the process her husband died suddenly of a heart attack and she was left to run it on her own with her children and her husband’s twin brother,” said Katie. “Through it all she has, year over year, increased her sales and now is looking to build this up to a profit line where she can also re-sell and run for city counsel. She is truly inspiring.”

The San José Small Business Ignite welcomes donation, volunteers and encourages locals to attend events. Check out their video to see them in action.

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Jul 27, 2015