The Time for Female Entrepreneurs has Come!


Female entrepreneurship is booming in the Midwest. In fact, Ohio was just named the second-best state in the US for female entrepreneurs.
What makes Ohio attractive to business owners? There are no corporate taxes. In addition, Ohio is a frugal state, making it cost-efficient for businesses and affordable for residents.
If you’re looking for the right environment to launch your startup, Ohio is a great choice!
In 2017, there were more than 11.6 million woman-owned businesses in the United States, which generated $1.7 trillion in sales, and that number just continues to rise. Although motivations for starting a business differ, more American women are taking the leap into ownership and feeling more empowered than ever before.
The rate of women entering into entrepreneurship is outpacing men. According to the State of Female Entrepreneurship report by Visa, there are more than 163 million women starting businesses around the world.

Aug 1, 2019