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Understanding Franchise Relationship Structures

Franchising, at its core, is a way for a company to expand and distribute its products or services. In “Traditional Franchising,” product manufacturers use a downstream distribution system to get their products to market. In “Business Format Franchising,” companies sell the rights to use their operating systems to deliver their products or services to the [...]

How to Ensure a Good Franchise Fit

While inquiring about how to ensure a good fit for each candidate might seem like an obvious FranNet consideration, there is a clear cut reason why some franchisees fail to achieve real success in the world of entrepreneurship. As a potential franchisee looking to join up with a successful brand and system, you know that you [...]

Using Your 401(K) or IRA to Start that Dream Business

Credit: By Rodney Brooks, USA Today, Copyright 2013.  Appeared on front page of “Money” section, 9/24/13. Many Boomers have visions of encore careers and even starting businesses when they “retire” from their current careers. And they are becoming entrepreneurs in record numbers. There is a bold group of entrepreneurs who are financing their start-ups with [...]

FranNet Celebrates 25 Years with 25 Tips for Choosing a Great Franchise

Original Post from    FranNet evaluates the top 25 things to look for when franchise shopping   Over the course of 25 years, FranNet has guided a lot of interested franchise owners towards the right fit. Our ability to match entrepreneurs with the right opportunities has helped create thousands of businesses, new careers and [...]