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Upcoming FranNet Webinar: How to Fund Your Business in Today’s Lending Environment

Many entrepreneurs are hungry to start a business of their own but are still hesitant to take that all-important first step. But it isn’t a lack of ambition that’s causing the apprehension. A good deal of candidates are procrastinating simply because they’re unsure of how they’ll fund the purchase of a franchise. We’re here to [...]

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FRANdata Analysis: Latest New Concepts Report, Vol. 2

FranNet partner FRANdata, the premier market research and intelligence firm for the franchising industry, is out with another edition of their “New Concept Report." Volume Two has been released, revealing key market insights for the latest concepts and industries. There are five sections and an executive summary, which highlight the trends and growth potential for [...]

Franchise Systems Provide a Network of Ownership Peers

When you decide to become your own boss using the franchise route, you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. This is a common phrase in our industry, and it plays to the advantages of choosing to franchise your way to business ownership. But in what ways are you never alone in a [...]

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FranNet: Our Network is Your Network

Many people are familiar with the proverb that speaks to the value of a network: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Truer words have never been spoken regarding the franchise investigative process. Countless FranNet clients, who’ve crossed paths with one of our qualified broker representatives, [...]

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FranNet Through the Years…An Unstoppable Force

Over the past three decades, FranNet has become an unstoppable force in the franchising industry. With over 60 affiliated offices in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve grown our brand into the most trusted and respected franchise broker group in North America. This blog edition is a celebration of our success through the years, so prepare [...]

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Another Oil & Gas Entrepreneurial Journey: Meet Chad & Stormie Caldwell

With the assistance of FranNet of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region, Chad & Stormie Caldwell became two of the newest Oasis Senior Advisors franchise owners. According to Stormie, who shares the couple’s journey, it was the right move at the right time. Background “Chad spent more than 15 years as a petroleum engineer/scientist for [...]

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Opportunity Knocking! DFW’s Shortage of Storage Units

Sometimes you really have to be paying attention to spot an opportunity in life. And for those of us in North Texas and Oklahoma, this year’s extreme weather is causing ripple effects in our lives that have yet to be discovered. The unprecedented extreme cold we faced just a few weeks back was difficult enough [...]

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What FranNet’s Clients Have to Say About Working With Us…

A recent study by Sapio Research shows online customer reviews rank 3rd out of 12 factors in the consumer buying cycle. It’s a statistic that reveals just how important feedback can be for companies that sell products and services to the public. At FranNet, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve achieved on the North American [...]

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How Client Referrals Drive FranNet Consultancies

Across the U.S. and Canada, there are over 75 FranNet representatives, each operating their own consultancies. One of the key value propositions of our organization is that each of these representatives covers a specific territory (just like franchises!). They both live and work in your communities, which means they’re familiar with your area’s business climate, [...]

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How to Buy a Franchise

Thinking about buying a franchise but not sure where to start? The first step is to gain an understanding of how the process works. To get started, read the 10 steps outlined in the article. If you prefer personalized assistance to walk through the entire process in depth, we have franchise consultants throughout Southwest Texas [...]

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