Sandler Training Franchise

For forty years, the corporate training program that more companies have utilized to teach their employees, from the highest-level executives to new fresh out of college hires, in areas of teamwork, responsibility, management, leadership, and sales. Sandler Training teaches and motivates our clients to reach new plateaus in their own work performance and in their private lives as well.

It doesn't matter if the client is a small firm with only a few employees or a giant in industry with thousands of staff members. When they employ Sandler Training, we raise the bar on their own expectations.

As a potential franchisee, we welcome you to strongly consider opening your own branch so that you can oversee the best, most comprehensive, and most importantly from your perspective, highly profitable system devised for legitimately helping companies move the meter and get tremendous results.

To buy a franchise with Sandler Training, you'll need to have at least $100000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $101825 to 147100. Sandler Training charges a franchise fee of $49000. They also offer a discount for veterans.


Franchisor Details

Incorporated Name: SANDLER SYSTEMS, INC.
Total Units: 265
Year Founded: 1967
Franchising Since: 1983
Home Office: Owings Mills, Maryland
Training: Available
Locations Available: See Below*
Franchise Costs

Franchise Costs

Financing: Via 3rd party
Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
Net Worth Required: 101825 to 147100
Total Investment: $91,525 – $108,500
Franchise Fee: $49,000
Royalty Type: $1,160 at month 9
Vetern Discount: Yes

*Sandler Training is currently accepting inquiries from the following locations: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Values & History

The core value at Sandler Training comes from David Sandler himself, who created this program in the 1960's, refining it in the 70's and publishing his now legendary book "You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar."

The guiding principle for the program and our company is that to change the behavior of a person, you must teach them and help them change over time. There is no one-day fix. That's why instead of just sending out motivational speakers for a few hours, instead companies large and small bring us in to teach classes to select staff members one day a week to help their sales force become extremely capable.

Industry Performance

Listed at the time of this writing as #348 on the Top Franchise 500 list, our company has over 160 coaches at 287 franchise operations both throughout the United States and globally. We have been able to steadily expand throughout the world, spreading David Sandler's important messages about how to improve company cultures internally, allowing salespeople to become true innovators and leaders. In all, we are currently providing our services in 27 different nations.

Even in recession periods, healthy companies want to compete at higher and higher levels. Large U.S. corporations are estimated to spend over seven and a half billion dollars annually on training for their employees. Globally, we estimate that figure around 210 billion. There are no limitations on customers.

Training & Support

Training is what we do best! That includes the 64-hour training program that all our franchise owners receive to show you everything you'll need to know in order to pursue a triumphant career. That's just where our business relationship begins. Our entire culture is about building confident leaders who can go out and teach others how to be winners.

We support each franchisee by first providing you with a protected territory. In the United States and Canada that means that you will get a geographic region featuring 500,000 people that will be exclusively yours. Outside the USA and Canada, regions are divided by the size of the nation, to ensure that you can achieve dynamic results.

We also support our franchise owners with constant teaching and advise through additional coaching sessions over the phone or live internet with our most seasoned veterans, national training conferences to share information, lead generation and marketing assistance, and other perks that our competitors simply don't have the capacity to provide.

Ideal Candidate & Qualifications

Have you been in sales or in the corporate lifestyle and have found yourself dissatisfied by the other opportunities that are out there? Are you ready to take charge of your own lifestyle by being the owner of your own business, but don't want to inherent risks involved in starting an enterprise completely by yourself? Are you an outgoing person who instinctively reaches out to help others?

If any or all of that is true, then you qualify to be extremely successful as a franchise partner, utilizing David Sandler's Sandler Training business model to build a lifestyle you will truly enjoy.

Purchasing a Sandler Training Franchise

Helping other people is an extremely satisfying way of making a living. At Sandler we have a proven system that has been genuinely changing lives in a positive way for four decades. When you become a Sandler professional, you get to run your own business the way you want to — complete control.

However, you also are trained and consistently supported by a company that cares about the results of everyone who joins our franchising opportunity. Because our system is compatible with clients of any size or corporate culture, there is growth potential that few other franchises have, especially in the coaching and training segments. There is no reason to start at ground zero with a new enterprise. Instead, you can invest in a solid name brand, a winning formula that is successful worldwide, and mostly, you will be investing in yourself and your own future, by training other people to reach for their own dreams.

About @WORK Group

Sandler Training is a FranNet Verified Brand

FranNet Verified Brands are reviewed by FranNet to ensure legitimacy and industry required documentation.

About @WORK Group

Sandler Training is a FranNet Verified Brand

FranNet Verified Brands are reviewed by FranNet to ensure legitimacy and industry required documentation.