Buying a Franchise in 7 Steps


Complete your Entrepreneur Readiness Profile to determine which types of businesses are best suited for you. This process includes a personality analysis and an investment range determination.

When you buy a franchise there are 7 main steps: Understand Franchising, Determine Your Style, Franchise Options, Speak With Franchise Companies, Speak With Local Franchise Owners, Discovery Day, and Decision Time.

Buying a Franchise

Understand Franchising

Complete your Entrepreneur Readiness Profile to determine which types of businesses are best suited for you. This process includes a personality analysis and an investment range determination. From here, our algorithm can help determine what franchise options in your local market may be best able to meet your goals.

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Determine Your Style

Once you understand your options and find that franchising is a good match, you may want to think about the business model that will best meet your ownership goals. You’ll want to research or speak with someone to gain insight into which franchise opportunities may be the best fit for your experience, goals, skillset, lifestyle, and more.

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Explore Franchise Options

After determining any must-haves for your business ownership lifestyle, you’ll want to research local franchise options that can best meet all your goals to enhance your success. It may be advantageous to work with a franchise consultant with insider knowledge who can match you with many options and potentially make an introduction at your franchise of choice!

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Speak With Franchise Companies

To know if a franchise will fit your lifestyle, it’s best to go straight to the source. You’ll may want to work with someone who can facilitate introductions at companies and coach you on the due diligence process, providing guidance on questions to ask, Franchise Disclosure Documents, and how to rank the franchise opportunities for yourself.

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Speak With Local Franchise Owners

Once you learn more about each franchise company that you’re interested in, you will be able to speak with active franchisees in their respective organizations. This will allow you to validate the business, support, and success of each while getting up close and personal with owners to see how their model will match your needs.

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Discovery Day

Prior to making a formal commitment to an opportunity, you will attend a Discovery Day, usually on-site at the corporate headquarters of the franchise you’re interested in. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the top management team, see their operational facility, and learn more about the day-to-day life of owning a business under their brand.

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Decision Time

After you return from Discovery Day, you’ll be ready to decide if that franchise is the right fit for you. If it is, you may also want to research and access any necessary referrals for franchise attorneys, accountants, and funding partners to help complete your franchise due diligence. From there, it is your choice to sign the final franchise agreement and become a franchisee.

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So…Do You Have To Do This Alone? Nope, That’s What We’re Here For.

There are many resources available to help you along the way to owning a franchise. Instead of going from place to place, you can get all of this information in one place. FranNet Consultants help save you time and money in several ways: by educating you about franchising, helping you research your business, identifying the right structure and strategic mix of the businesses you are interested in, and introducing you to the franchisors that fit your model.

We encourage you to thoroughly research any franchise that you are investigating, and we’ll even help you find franchise attorneys and other advisors so you can gain more information before you buy. We believe that the more you know, the better the odds that the choice you make will be a success!

Who are FranNet Franchise Consultants?

A FranNet franchise consultant is a franchise expert to advise you on franchise and business opportunities. Within our group, we have past and present franchisors, franchise executives, franchisees, regional and area developers, and other business professionals.

How Much Does a Franchise Consultant Cost?
Zero. Working with FranNet is absolutely free. How is that possible? Similar to real estate agents that receive a commission from the seller, we receive our broker fee directly from the franchise that you may buy.
Will I End Up Paying More For a Franchise If I Work With a FranNet Franchise Consultant?
No. Unlike buying a home or a car, Franchise sales and fees are federally regulated and the cost is not able to be changed regardless of if a franchise consultant broker is involved or not. What that means for you is that you get expert franchise guidance, consulting, and introductions, without any risk of a price mark-up. Learn more here.
How Do FranNet Franchise Consultants Reduce Risk?

FranNet Franchise Consultants reduce risk by pre-qualifying prospective franchisees to ensure no wasted qualification time; by helping educate your prospective franchisees on the eventual purchase and operation of your franchise concept, which sets better expectations among all parties; by providing you an instant North American network present in all major markets, with broad knowledge and expertise; and by reducing overhead by offering a primarily post-pay service. Instead of worrying about generating qualified candidates on your own, you can join a proven, effective, and efficient referral network.

The FranNet Organization
In addition to being a 5-time, Fortune 5000 company, FranNet has helped hundreds of people acquire a franchise and become their own boss. FranNet provides education and support to individuals who are interested in exploring self-employment as a career option through franchised business ownership. After all, franchising is more than just food and retail stores. Our role is to provide education on the franchise industry and help people find the right business for them and their goals. Our services are 100% free.