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Focus On Franchising

DEC 11, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts:12/11/2018 @ 11:30 AM ESTDuration:1.5 hoursDescription:There’s more to franchising than just fast food and retail.  With over 3,200 franchise concepts in more than 80 industries, there’s something to fit your lifestyle, financial goals and passion.Join us to learn more about:The different types of business models | If franchising [...]

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Light Manufacturing Business Opportunity

DEC 19, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts:12/19/2018 @ 2:00 PM ESTDuration:1.5 hoursDescription:Learn about this stable concept with a deep history, yet lots of room for continued expansion. The dramatic rise of business start-ups in Michigan creates even more demand for these products. This “non-franchise” business opportunity blends marketing and design services with technology and manufacturing. I'm confident it will continue to be [...]

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Meet the Franchisor Saturday

MAR 23, 2019 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts: 03/23/2019 @ 9:30 AM EST Duration: 3 hours Description: SAVE THE DATE!!!! FranNet of Greater Orlando is bringing aspiring entrepreneurs together with franchise development executives from an array of national franchise concepts for "Meet the Zor" Saturday! This is your opportunity to personally engage with several premier franchise companies that are poised [...]

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BENG Charlotte; Executive Networking Meeting

DEC 19, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts: 12/19/2018 @ 8:45 AM EST Duration: 2 hours Description: BENG is a nnetworking organization in Charlotte that provides mid to senior level transitioning professionals with a forum to facilitate and enhance their job search.  Members and attendees will have an opportunity to hone their networking skills, [...]

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Franchising 101 – How to Select, Finance, and Operate a Franchise

DEC 19, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts: 12/19/2018 @ 11:00 AM PST Duration: 2 hours Description: With so many different franchises for sale today, figuring out which franchise opportunity is the right business opportunity can be daunting and difficult to say the least. In this class, business experts at FranNet of the Bay [...]

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Franchising as a Career, an Investment, or Both

DEC 13, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts:12/13/2018 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ESTDuration:2 hoursDescription:Have you been considering business ownership as a career change, a supplemental income source orLearn franchising basics, including the array of categories and investment levels available (starting at around $50K), and how to go about defining your own personal vision, [...]

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Road Map to Entrepreneurship: Build, Buy, or Franchise

DEC 10, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts: 12/10/2018 @ 10:00 AM EST Duration: 2 hours Description: Do you dream of owning your own business? Have you been recently downsized?  Are you fed up with the corporate world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please come join me for an informational [...]

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FranNet Year-End Celebration & Fundraiser

DEC 07, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts: 12/07/2018 @ 4:00 PM CST Duration: 2.5 hours Description: You have been part of making 2018 a success for FranNet of The Heartland. As such, we would be honored to have you as our guest at our Friends of FranNet Year-End Celebration the evening of Friday, [...]

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Buying A Winning Franchise

DEC 5, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts:12/05/2018 @ 6:00 PM ESTDuration:2 hoursDescription:You will gain an overview of the franchise process from a franchise consultant, an attorney and from some successful local franchisees who will discuss their own experiences in setting up a franchise.Franchising 101-what's it all about?Is franchising right for you?How to research franchises [...]

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Insider’s Guide to Franchise Opportunities

DEC 1, 2018 / LOCAL SEMINAR Starts:12/01/2018 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM MSTDuration:2 hoursDescription:If you have been wondering if there is an alternative to corporate life for you, please attend...Career Alternatives in Franchise OwnershipThis is your opportunity to gain anInsider's Guide to Franchise OpportunitiesWe'll cover:"Hot” Trends for Today's Challenging Economy"Where's the money?" Financing your [...]

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