FranNet’s Client Bill of Rights

FranNet has implemented a new initiative, specifically with you in mind. We call it our FranNet Client Bill of Rights. Each of our qualified FranNet consultants has signed off on this important piece of company legislation and we can’t wait to introduce it to you.

We’re extremely proud of our client bill of rights. For the past 30+ years, FranNet has helped thousands of budding entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of owning a business through franchising. We’ve done this with a sustained and superior level of client consultation, for which we’re recognized as an industry leader. Our Client Bill of Rights documents our commitment to you and providing you with industry-leading service.


The tenets of the FranNet Client Bill of Rights are as follows:


FranNet Consultants will help you assess if franchise ownership is right for you.

FranNet Consultants adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Franchise Association and the FranNet code of conduct.
FranNet Consultants will not pressure you or “talk you” into an opportunity that you do not feel fits your goals, budget or skill set.
FranNet Consultants listen to you and will take into consideration your expressed personal and professional concerns and/or interests when discussing potential franchise opportunities.
FranNet Consultants are accountable to coach and help you through the investigative process. You are accountable for your own commitments such as timelines, appointments, tasks, etc.
FranNet consultants put your interests first.
FranNet Consultants are transparent and honest with what they know regarding any and all franchise concepts the client is researching.
You may freely associate with whichever companies or broker groups that you feel is in your best interest.
FranNet Consultants will help you find the best resources to answer questions or concerns if he/she is unable to answer them. You have the right to disagree or question the consultant at any time during the process.
If you decide that franchise ownership is not for you, you are under no obligation to continue the process. You can discontinue your work with FranNet consultant at any time.

If you want to explore the possibility of becoming your own boss, FranNet would like to be your partner. We have all your best interests at heart and our new client bill of rights echoes this sentiment. All it takes to get started is what we call our “Roadmap to Success.” Our consultations are always no-cost, no obligation.