Dinorex Franchise

Dinorex International theme parks are where the excitement is! From birthday parties to all-around family fun, we strive to make unique experiences that will last in a child's memories forever. Now you can help do that too with your own Dinorex Franchise.

From all of our rides to over 50 interactive video games in our assortment, to screens where kids can watch cartoons, and of course great food, our theme parks have a lot of activities to keep everyone occupied, no matter how old they are.

Everything is contained indoors, including our rides. That makes it safe and easy for parents and staff to oversee their children while they are playing and having a great time.


Franchisor Details

Incorporated Name: Dinorex
Total Units: -
Year Founded: -
Franchising Since: -
Home Office: Arlington Heights, IL
Training: Available
Locations Available: See Below*
Franchise Costs

Franchise Costs

Financing: Via 3rd party
Liquid Capital Required: N/A
Net Worth Required: N/A
Total Investment: N/A
Franchise Fee: N/A
Royalty Type: -
Vetern Discount: -

*Dinorex is currently accepting inquiries from the following locations: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Values & History

Our first dinosaur theme park got started in 1999 in Arlington, Illinois. As we expanded throughout the Midwest region of the USA, our brand has become known for keeping people entertained and playing host to parties and other large groups of children.

We continue to expand because of our core values which include keeping the parks safe and spotless. Our low prices allow us to compete against bigger companies and our amazing staff members are well trained in providing the best customer service available anywhere. We want everyone to smile when at a Dinorex, and that starts with our own people.

Industry Performance

What makes Dinorex parks work is that we are able to entice large groups to book events at the park. Whether someone is celebrating a birthday, a teen sports team is celebrating a big win, or a church or temple is looking for a fun day spent with the entire congregation, we are able to provide a wonderful experience for children of all ages, and the grown-ups too!

We also bring in a lot of corporate functions for workers and their families, and unlike a lot of other theme parks, we have events specifically geared for toddlers.

People keep coming back because when the kids play games, they win prizes! Everybody loves to walk away with hard-won souvenirs. It makes the experience unforgettable for our guests.

In this day and age, taking expensive vacations isn't an option for every family. That's why venues like Dinorex thrive. Placing one in a region that doesn't have enough entertainment venues is opening the floodgates for communities to enjoy mirth and laughter at a reasonable cost for all.

Training & Support

We offer full training for all our new franchise owners. Everything from pre-opening aspects and marketing for the grand opening, to running the rides and day-to-day operations will be covered.

As your park opens, you'll be able to consult with the home office on every issue, and you'll get our full support whenever you need it. We don't just want to open theme parks randomly and leave the owners to their own devices. When we place a Dinorex, we are adding an important expansion to our brand. You will be treated like you should be, as a leader on our team.

Ideal Candidate & Qualifications

If you are a happy, light-hearted person who has experience with business management, overseeing and scheduling staff members, marketing and sales, and have great leadership abilities then we'd like to talk to you. Our franchisees often come from all walks of life. If the idea of running a theme park appeals to you, then you will appeal to us.

We do want people who are ready to make a commitment to opening and managing a new Dinorex theme park successfully. We look forward to discussing our requirements with you.

Purchasing a Dinorex Franchise

We're looking to expand into new territories within and outside of the Midwest. With the success of our established parks, we have a great system in place for franchisees looking to own an incredibly fun business.

But, your Dinorex won't just be "another Dinorex." Most franchises want everything identical from one location to the next. What makes Dinorex a unique experience for our owners is that we design new, original rides at every location. No two Dinorex parks are exactly the same.

This means you will be handed the keys to a place that has one-of-a-kind experiences that will make your business special for everyone who stops in to play for just a few hours or the entire day.

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