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Do you love the scent of freshly baked mozzarella, invigorating tomato sauce, and a rich, thick crust made from high-quality dough? At Pi Co we make our delicious pizzas in 90 seconds, but we don't leave them lying around the counter like all of those greasy pizza joints we've all had to endure.

Instead, we make each pizza as its ordered, only giving our customers the best tasting delights that we can come up with. Pi Co is all about casual dining, the most popular form of restaurant in the modern world. It's quicker than a full dining service, and the meals are better than at fast food restaurants.

To buy a franchise with Pi Co, you'll need to have at least $250000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $500000. Pi Co charges a franchise fee of $50000.


Franchisor Details

Incorporated Name: Pi Co
Total Units: 1
Year Founded: 2016
Franchising Since: 2017
Home Office: Toronto, Ontario
Training: Available
Locations Available: See Below*
Franchise Costs

Franchise Costs

Financing: Via 3rd party
Liquid Capital Required: $250,000
Net Worth Required: $500,000
Total Investment: $377,000 – $785,500
Franchise Fee: $50,000
Royalty Type: 7% + 1% ad fund
Vetern Discount: No

*Pi Co is currently accepting inquiries from the following locations: Canada

Values & History

Pi Co is a relatively new franchise, starting up in 2016. The owners started it because they were tired of only having the choice when they wanted to eat pizza of dirty eateries where the pizza was cooked hours earlier and simply warmed up when slices were chosen, or full service dining where they had to make a reservation or wait for long periods for simple dishes.

They created Pi Co to make mouth-watering pizza, robust salads, and a few delicious sides for customers at the time of ordering, and to let them pick their own table or simply take their food home as part of a modern casual dining setup.

To keep things simple, Pi Co's menu is based on the customer picking their sides on pizza or their vegetables for their salads. It's all about making something fresh and creative in the moment!

Industry Performance

Pi Co's explosion speaks for itself. Despite only four years of existence, there are already 17 Pi Co locations open and in operation today, and 2 more being built right now. With 3-4 new locations being built each year, Pi Co is clearly a high-level choice for enterprising businesspeople who see the superior products we make, to take care of a world full of busy customers who just want great tasting pizza and salads without any fuss.

When people want a pizza, they don't want something else. Our straightforward approach keeps things loose and fun, and we can deliver on our promise of high quality for each person we serve. Our chefs only have to know how to make amazing pizza and salads. They become specialists quickly. That has led to our reputation becoming stellar. When you have the best food in town, customers come to you.

We are also able to supplement our business by catering to offices. Lots of folk want pizza at their business meetings to keep their staff satisfied, so they can work through lunch. We take care of them.

Training & Support

Though the concept is simple to grasp, running a great restaurant takes a lot of skill. We don't just take people's money, give them our name and logo and then never talk to them again. Just the opposite. We will be with you for everything from location scouting, building the restaurant from start to finish, picking the right equipment and working with vendors. We'll teach you our successful 90-second pizza making techniques that will make you a crowd pleaser in your region. We look forward to having a quality relationship that allows us all to produce the best results together.

Ideal Candidate & Qualifications

This isn't just another pizzeria. That's our premise and we expect all our franchise owners to care about that and take it to heart. If you love amazing pizza, can work within our system, and if you are a hard worker, then let's sit down and discuss your role as a new Pi Co entrepreneur.

If you have experience as a restaurant or franchise owner, and understand how to run a staff and keep your locations clean for both the customers and inspectors, or if you are ready to own your own business for the first time and are willing to take our guidance and embrace this lifestyle, then let's get started.

Purchasing a Pi Co Franchise

Sometimes when you keep a concept focused and simple it makes for the best business principles. There is no need for a full Italian dinner menu and a giant kitchen staff. With a focus on making pizza and salads right in front of the customers at the counter, and no kitchen or wait staff necessary, you can keep the square footage of your restaurant reasonable for casual dining. There is also no inventory or stock sitting around in the freezer for half a year just in case someone happens to order something obscure on the menu that the chefs can't even make to perfection.

We keep the concept simple and for our franchise owners that means we can keep costs low compared to many other restaurant-based businesses. Perhaps that is why so many new business owners are jumping on board to help us expand rapidly.

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Pi Co is a FranNet Verified Brand

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