The Cleaning Authority Franchise

The oldest and most respected name throughout the United States in home cleaning services, we have established our brand, our system, and our ability to work with franchisees in all fifty states in the USA. Building teams of cleaners to work in a systematic approach with no guesswork has paid big dividends for everyone involved with The Cleaning Authority. For those investigating and comparing franchises to invest in and become a part of, we think you'll be suitably impressed with what we have to offer.

To buy a franchise with The Cleaning Authority, you'll need to have at least $50000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $200000. The Cleaning Authority charges a franchise fee of $30000. They also offer a discount for veterans.


Franchisor Details

Incorporated Name: The Cleaning Authority
Total Units: 220
Year Founded: 1996
Franchising Since: 1996
Home Office: Columbia, Maryland
Training: Available
Locations Available: See Below*
Franchise Costs

Franchise Costs

Financing: Via 3rd party
Liquid Capital Required: $50,000
Net Worth Required: $200,000
Total Investment: $150,000 – $200,000
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Royalty Type: 6% - 4% (sliding scale)
Vetern Discount: Yes

*The Cleaning Authority is currently accepting inquiries from the following locations: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Values & History

The rich and respected history of The Cleaning Authority starts in 1977 as one of the first businesses of its kind in the Baltimore-Washington region. The competitive nature of the company was discovered by Steve Robinson and Tim Evankovich, who purchased the company in 1989 with the idea of expansion.

In 1996 they altered the business model to include franchising, in order to navigate into additional new territories. Think about it. You are buying into a model that has been molded and perfected for 43 years, with 24 years of understanding how to start and grow new franchise expansions.

Could there be a greater barometer for success than longevity of that nature?

Some of the company's core values include providing true value for our customers. We do this in a myriad number of ways — by providing a truly organized cleaning schedule so expectations are always met. By utilizing cleaning professionals that deliver high-level service every time. We also do it by having a professional attitude about how we do business. We are completely transparent and keep an open line of communication between management and the clients, having face-to-face meetings and providing as much information as needed to ensure a committed, happy clientele.

Industry Performance

With most people working at least one if not more jobs all week, the last thing people want to do when they get home tired from work is to start cleaning their house or condominium. That's where we come in. It's why our business is just as strong today as it has been for decades.

Because of our established brand and unique methodology, we do very well all across the USA. People feel comfortable with a name they've heard of and which has been associated with high quality for many decades across several generations. We've made our mark and that will really help you even as you start your own franchise on the first day. It's much easier to start a business that everyone already knows then one that they don't. That's just logical. And that is why it pays for you to become a franchisee with us.

Training & Support

Our pre-start-up training program is two weeks, and it is extensive. You will learn certain general business principles that will help you run the office side of things, and you will learn about all of our tools for producing the best results on the job in the swiftest amount of time.

You will also learn how to expand your team so that you can send out teams of cleaners to multiple locations simultaneously and other great methods to expand and grow your business to a high level of profitability.

Once you begin operations you will continue to have lots of support from the home office. From friendly business tips and advice to helping if there is a problem of some kind, we will be there for you.

Ideal Candidate & Qualifications

We're looking for enthusiastic people from all walks of life. If you've never run a business or worked in the cleaning services industry before, that's just fine. We know from all of our experience that sometimes the best franchise owners are the ones who are new and excited to run a new business.

People don't want their houses cleaned in the evenings or on weekends, so except for the occasional client meeting to do in-house estimates you'll be able to keep a regular schedule and have your nights and weekends free. If that sounds appealing to you, then we'd love to talk to you.

Purchasing a The Cleaning Authority Franchise

Our franchisee specialization package has worked for a quarter of a century because it is broken down into five components that produce results.

  • Designated Territories — You will not have to compete with other The Cleaning Authority franchisees. Instead, you will be buying into an untapped, protected region which you control and can expand within at your own pace.
  • Training/Support — We don't expect you to have experience in this industry before becoming a franchisee. We have a comprehensive two-week training program that will teach you everything.
  • Marketing — We guarantee that our direct mail marketing program which we have utilized extensively for decades will work wonders to bring in leads and create a radius of awareness in your designated territory.
  • Rotation System — One of our truly unique features that has put us ahead of the competition is our "Package Plan Rotation System." While most of our competitors send their cleaners into a residence or business unprepared and they just clean at random, at The Cleaning Authority we create an organized pre-planned strategy which the customer is also given. They know what the cleaners are coming in to specifically do, and the cleaners target those areas and make them shine. Our supreme efficiency is one of our keys to victory.
  • Tracking System — We have a specialized computer program that will allow you to easily and comprehensively run your enterprise effectively. Everything you need for this specific business enterprise has been intentionally configured in one program for your convenience. By using cutting-edge technology, you'll be worlds ahead of the competition and feel organized.
About @WORK Group

The Cleaning Authority is a FranNet Verified Brand

FranNet Verified Brands are reviewed by FranNet to ensure legitimacy and industry required documentation.

About @WORK Group

The Cleaning Authority is a FranNet Verified Brand

FranNet Verified Brands are reviewed by FranNet to ensure legitimacy and industry required documentation.