Jack Armstrong


Jack Armstrong

About Jack

Jack joined FranNet in 1995 as the owner of the local FranNet franchise for New Jersey. He has expanded with his son to own the local FranNet markets in New York City and Boston. He has serviced clients for over 27 years and placed hundreds of clients into franchises. FranNet specializes in the sale and resale of well-known national franchises.

I also serve as Chairman of the Board for FranNet, LLC, the corporate parent company for the franchise. In this executive capacity, I shape the strategic and financial vision for the company & FranNet offices across the country. I am the company’s largest shareholder and led the purchase of the company in March of 2006 from the founder of FranNet.

I’ve served on FranNet’s Board of Directors for over 26 years, and I’m proud to be part of the franchising consultant company that is the most respected in the industry. Prior to joining FranNet Jack owned a magazine publishing company in Manhattan.

Jack enjoys his summers at the New Jersey Shore, playing golf and bike riding.