2023 is Here – Time to Kickstart Your Inner Entrepreneur

With a new year upon us, a time of change awaits – for those willing to explore the possibilities of business ownership through franchising. Each individual pursuing this aim will have a unique experience of their own to share, but much of how the process itself plays out is dependent upon your level of preparedness. If you do have a desire to become your own boss, but remain unsure about the process of achieving this goal, it may be time to kickstart your inner entrepreneur. In doing so, you’ll improve your mindset as you prepare for your journey.



But how does one kickstart their inner entrepreneur? What mental preparations and exercises can we explore that will put us in a better position to accept a big change in our life? FranNet of Canada conducted some research and has compiled the following tips and advice to help you get motivated about becoming your own boss.


Your Inner Entrepreneur

How would you define your inner entrepreneur? For most people, it’s a positive mentality – an unstoppable force that motivates you to change. And that mindset occurs when we define and nurture a specific purpose. This in turn, can ignite passion and persistence. As we progress, we’re willing to make sacrifices to see our convictions become realities. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit apply critical thinking, weigh calculated risks, and forge their way onward through sheer determination.


Attitudinal Adjustments

The difference between dreamers and doers often comes down to attitude. Your attitudinal mindset and the way you carry yourself each day can manifest itself in helpful ways. Attitude is like an invisible force. Depending on your particular mentality, attitude can either be helpful – or harmful to your efforts. Believing in yourself and your abilities is a great way to start. You have to envision the success of achieving business ownership – with a firm belief that you’re capable of attaining this goal. It may sound simple but training yourself to be positive and dismiss negative thoughts is key.


Fostering a Growth Mindset

Before you can foster a growth mindset, you can’t be afraid of failure. Entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and continually apply lessons learned as they progress. Nurturing your inner entrepreneur is a full-time job, but if you set actionable – and measurable – goals, then follow through on them, you’ll discover that progress ensues more often than not. Embrace resiliency and accept the fact that your path to an entrepreneurial life may not be smooth, but it will always be worth it.


You may be wondering if having an entrepreneurial spirit is something you’re born with, or if it can be learned. Overwhelming evidence points to the latter, something FranNet of Canada often sees in helping our clients navigate their way through the franchise investigative process. Some have always wanted to own a business of their own, perhaps having grown up around a self-made family member or friend. But many others arrived at this decision because they felt driven to explore entrepreneurism. It may be based on the circumstances they’ve been dealt, such as a corporate layoff, lack of freedom and flexibility, or a stagnated career path. Regardless of the origin of interest, anyone is capable of experiencing the benefits that come with unleashing their inner entrepreneur.


Including you. And you can begin by taking this quick online quiz, an online assessment to determine if franchising is right for you.


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Feb 3, 2023