Another Franchisee Journey: Getting to Know…Fady & Ana Chaban

Fady and Ana Chaban are originally from Venezuela, but moved to the states back in 2007 in furtherance of Fady’s career as a Petroleum Engineer. Ana’s career spanned the full scope of corporate accounting. They’ve been married for 16 years and between them have three children. This is the story of their personal journey into franchising with the help of Cynthia Mora of FranNet of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region. As you’ll see, franchise ownership for the couple was a deliberate strategy to diversify their business portfolio, thereby establishing long-term growth and security for their financial future.

Fady ended up in the Petroleum Capital of Texas due to a long and distinguished career in the oil and gas industry, where he split the 25 years of experience between Venezuela and Houston. His work with leading energy giants like ConocoPhillips took him all over the globe. But he also understood how price volatility in the industry didn’t make it the most stable line of work.

Fady and Ana were intrigued by the entrepreneurial life. Close friends and family members who experienced layoffs over the past decade ended up going the franchising route and he was impressed with the proven business models. He likens this to the fact that he’s an engineer by nature—someone used to following rules, procedures, and replicating the steps needed to get the job done with maximum efficiency and profitability factored in.

It was 2015 when he branched out on his own and launched an O&G consultancy, mostly dedicated to project management. But downstream market pressure made it a competitive landscape and Fady felt like he needed yet another income stream. His wife Ana was onboard with the pivot to franchising as a means of diversifying their income streams, and the couple had plenty of good validation coming in from their friends and family about franchise ownership.

Through a friend, Fady and Ana were introduced to Cynthia Mora and the trio got to work in the investigative process. After taking FranNet’s personal assessments, the couple worked with Mora to narrow down franchise concepts that matched up well with their strengths and long-term financial goals. Because of their landlord background, they quickly centered on a familiar franchise concept, All County Prime Property Management.

All County Prime Property Management, squarely in the real estate industry, offers residential property management for landlords—and nothing else. Both Fady and Ana thought it was a prudent choice—with 60% of global business tied into real estate in one form or another. It was also a plus that the Houston market was a wide-open territory. After weekly meetings with FranNet of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region, Cynthia Mora helped arrange both an office visit to the franchise’s location in San Antonio, followed by an impressive Discovery Day at the brand’s Tampa, Florida headquarters.

Fady and Ana Chaban became All County Prime Property Management’s newest franchisees in August of 2020. They opened their Katy franchise location a month later. While they’re just getting started, they had plenty to say about FranNet’s role in their quest to become franchise owners.

“Cynthia’s assistance in our franchising journey was notable for the level of professionalism she showed us,” says Fady. “Through the process, not once did we ever feel pressured to make a decision and she was patient and knowledgeable in presenting the concepts to us for consideration.” Though Fady and Ana were no strangers to witnessing the entrepreneurial benefits of franchise ownership from close friends and family, they still believe there is much to be gained in enlisting the help of franchise consultants like FranNet.

“We had done plenty of research and had many discussions about franchise ownership before,” says Fady. “But FranNet really breaks down the process analytically and provides sound recommendations. They help clients cut through the clutter of concepts and provide the best information for the decision-making process. We highly recommend that others take advantage of what we were able to learn through FranNet’s process of investigation to business ownership through franchising.”

For more information, please visit Fady and Ana Chaban at All County Prime Property Management of Katy, TX.

Jun 1, 2021