Meet the ‘Mompreneurs’: Danielle Roberts

I’m Cynthia Mora, FranNet Consultant of Houston, Texas.

This Mother’s Day, I’m putting the focus on a couple of my clients who embody the “Mompreneur” lifestyle. Danielle Roberts is a mother of three daughters and the franchise owner of Blue Moon Estate Sales of NW Houston. Her testimonial is below, sharing what it means to be a daughter, a mother, and a small business owner. Happy Mother’s Day, Danielle!

Meet the ‘Mompreneurs’: Danielle Roberts


Danielle Roberts owns and operate Blue Moon Estate Sales of NW Houston. As a successful franchise owner and “Mompreneur,” she shares her story of finding inspiration from her mother (and father). In her own words, here’s Danielle’s story…

How it Started…

“I graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in mechanical engineering and began a 22-year career in the oil and gas industry. I worked in design, development, research, project management, and even technical sales for Baker Hughes, and had the opportunity to travel the globe. At one point, our family even moved up to Canada, where I became the engineering manager for all of Canada’s provinces. I spent six years there, finally moving back home to Houston in 2011. At this point, I transitioned to become a product manager, leading a team in mobile app development – we developed a customer-facing sales modules for the company’s product line of drill bits. Along the way, I’d always thought of owning my own business – but I didn’t know what kind or where to start. In 2016, following a downturn in the industry, I was downsized and spent 10 months looking for work before landing a position with Halliburton. I stayed there three years, working on app development again, but also got into training – which would come in handy later. When Covid hit, the company laid off 50% of the workforce – me included. Two layoffs in a five-year span were enough to convince me to get serious about entrepreneurship. Thankfully, I crossed paths with Cynthia Mora at FranNet during this transition period. When we discussed franchise ownership, I let her know that I wanted to find a concept that was meaningful – a business opportunity where I could help people and make a difference in their lives. I also wanted to become successful quickly. We came to find out that Blue Moon Estate Sales fit the bill.”

How it’s Going…

“Before I met Cynthia, I had no idea FranNet – or brokers – even existed. I was really impressed with assessments, and how the results suggested several different franchise concepts. We investigated four concept and I began meeting Cynthia once a week. Through the process, she was so good about coaching me to keep an open mind and make informed decisions. The Blue Moon Estate Sales concept kept rising to the top of my list and, once I met with their brand reps, could tell that their training program was similar to what I’d experienced in the energy sector. It was in line with what I knew and understood. When I made the decision to go forward, I was confident that I could be successful fast and get to the breakeven point. I officially launched Blue Moon Estate Sales of NW Houston in April of 2021. Now, a year later, I’ve not only exceeded my own expectations, but have opened a second territory. I’ve got a staff of 10 and we’re averaging two estate sales per weekend. The biggest change has been flexibility. I work harder now, but I can take the time I need to focus on family. But my favorite aspect of become an entrepreneur has been the satisfaction from helping people and making a difference in their lives. To me this is very rewarding.”

How Did the Women in Your Family Influence You?

“My mom always worked, so I didn’t grow up thinking that was unusual. My mom was an inspiring role model for me, as well as my dad. My parents went through hard times too, downsizing, you name it. But my mother and father always taught us to have grit, to pivot, to find a way to make things work. To illustrate an example, I love to sew. And when Covid hit, I went to work making masks to sell in my area. Before it was over, I’d sold over $30,000 worth. Above all, our faith got us through the hard times. My mom taught us to treat others with empathy – because you never know what they’re going through. She raised me to treat people with care and consideration.”

As a ‘Mompreneur,’ What Lessons are You Passing Down to Your Own Daughters?
“As for my three daughters, I hope I’m passing down some of those same lessons. My daughter recently told me how proud of me she was. She had watched as I changed directions, went through a career transition, made it work – and yet she never went without anything. Watching me go through this experience made her want to follow my example. I think I’ve shown them that you can have a career and a family life, and balance them both. It’s comforting to know that my daughters have their own dreams and have learned by my example. Very humbling. They have the confidence and courage to face the world and they’re unafraid. I’m happy to share that my oldest daughter just got hired by Frito Lay and is moving to Orlando. They’re growing up. They’re ready to work on their own dreams and set their own examples in life. It’s a credit to my husband as well, we’re a team. And we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

For more information, please visit Danielle Roberts’s Blue Moon Estate Sales of NW Houston site.

May 6, 2022