National Boss’s Day is Oct. 16. Do You Qualify? Want to?

There’s a cause calendar holiday next week that you may not know about. But if you’re interested in becoming your own boss, it could one day apply to you. That’s right – National Boss’s Day is an annual event on Oct. 16, however when this occasion falls on a weekend, it’s traditionally celebrated the following Monday. Whether you intend to mark this year’s date probably depends on how you feel about your current boss. Though, if you were a franchise owner, all the attention and focus would belong to you – not someone else.


With the new knowledge that National Boss’s Day is actually a thing, do you qualify? Do you want to? Because FranNet’s sole mission is to help entrepreneurs find the perfect match in a franchise ownership opportunity. This year, if you’re the one frantically looking for a sentimental card or flowers to send your current boss, let’s see how you might one day be on the receiving end of such accolades.


Coming to a Decision

Many of our clients have always wanted to own their own business. They’ve developed a plan, a timeline, and actionable steps to reach this admirable goal. Just the same, many of our clients decided to explore business ownership due to circumstances. Perhaps they’ve experienced one too many corporate layoffs. Or they came to the realization that they, too, actually have the skills, experience, and motivation to run a business as well as anyone else out there. Regardless of how they arrived at this point, they all have one thing in common – coming to a decision to accept and pursue an entrepreneurial future.


What’s at Stake

While there are dozens of reasons why people arrive at this decision, the advantages of an entrepreneurial life can’t be understated. Most career-minded people are extremely driven individuals. They want to succeed, to get ahead, to chase promotions and earn a bigger paycheck. But at the end of the day, all of this effort is ultimately benefiting someone other than themselves. Some come to a realization – “What if I were putting all of this effort into my own situation?” What exactly do they stand to gain? How about freedom and flexibility? The opportunity to work without a supervisor, manager, or departmental lead? Total control of their income-generating capabilities. A better work-life balance. More time with their families, children, and friends. Does any of this reasoning appeal to you? Because that’s what’s really at stake when you make the decision to own a business of your own.


How to Get There

A vast majority of people are still under the impression that establishing business ownership is too complicated to consider. They don’t want the pressure that comes with the responsibility of owning their own business. And that’s fine – entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. But it is for anyone willing to explore the franchising process and the benefits that await them. This is who FranNet can help. It requires nothing in the way of compensation or obligation. That’s right. You pay nothing, and you’re not obligated to follow through on business ownership if you determine it’s not a fit for you after all. All you have to do is agree to give it a try. As your turnkey guide and navigator, FranNet will take you through a step-by-step process that’s been proven to work for thousands of others before you. How do you get there? First, simply locate the FranNet representative who lives, works, and plays in your area. Either place a call or email your local consultant to make an initial appointment. That’s it. That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.


Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique to them, an unknown destination at the outset that comes into focus the further you get into the process. Your role is to listen, contribute, and conduct the due diligence necessary to make informed decisions that are in your best interest. Because FranNet can’t – and won’t – do that for you. But if you’re willing to keep an open mind, progress through the stages according to FranNet’s buying process, and follow through with your responsibilities – an entrepreneurial future can indeed be yours. And on Oct. 16, 2023, you and your local FranNet consultant can celebrate National Boss’s Day together, reminiscing about how far you’ve come in just one short year.


If you want to make that happen, we’ll gladly be your guide.


Let’s Chat!

FranNet is standing by to help you navigate your own personal entrepreneurial journey. Getting started is simple and involves setting up a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with one of our qualified FranNet representatives. Not yet sure what type of business you were meant to own? That’s fine, too – you simply need to reach out and speak with one of our qualified franchise experts today! Together, we can find a business opportunity that aligns with your lifestyle and income-oriented goals.

Oct 28, 2022