Takeaways from FranNet’s Fall Conference

Each year, FranNet hosts its annual Fall Conference – an opportunity for our consultants, vendors, suppliers, and franchise partners to network and find new ways to help entrepreneurs establish small business ownership through franchising. On Oct. 2-4, FranNet of Dallas-Fort Worth & Oklahoma had the pleasure of attending, as we gathered in Louisville, KY (also our corporate HQ!). In this edition of our weekly blog, we share some of the key takeaways from this synergistic meeting.


We also have a brand new episode (our 33rd) of “Unpredicted Entrepreneur” which was just released, in which we continue discussing this topic. If you haven’t yet discovered this series of entrepreneurial-based, first-person accounts, give us a listen. The podcast is available through iTunes and Spotify, or you can stream it via YouTube.


Industry Presentations

Through the course of workshops and panel discussions, we got to hear a message of positive reinforcement, as the franchising industry continues to show consistent growth and improvement. As of 2022, industry numbers as a whole are now better than their pre-pandemic predecessors. And each year at the FranNet Conference, we get the chance to hear directly from franchisors about the finer points of their business models. The 2022 brand lineup included presentations from several up-and-coming concepts in the health and wellness, boutique fitness, senior care, pets, child-oriented, and home service categories. You can find dozens of individual franchise brands representing these industries in FranNet’s Brand Directory.


The Rise of Platform Companies

The franchising industry is becoming much more specialized, as platform companies are developing a service-oriented approach to helping both franchisors and franchisees alike. There are now companies dedicated to marketing, recruiting, call center operations, and more, helping business models evolve into more streamlined, efficient opportunities for franchisees. Some franchisors have even taken a comprehensive approach to running the business on behalf of a franchisee – making it more of a structured investment alternative for enterprise-based portfolio owners. While this does come at a significantly higher price point, it could be the start of an intriguing industry trend.


New Podcast Episode Debuts

Episode 33 of our Unpredicted Entrepreneur debuted last week. In this edition, we expound on the takeaways we learned at the FranNet Fall Conference – it’s a discussion you don’t want to miss! And, if you have an entrepreneurial success story to share from the world of franchising, we’d love to hear from you. Just submit your name, email address, and your message in our online submission form, available at the bottom of this page: https://unpredictedentrepreneur.rncn.page/


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Nov 9, 2022