Will 2023 Be Your “Year of Change?” Start Planning Now

A quick glance at the 2022 calendar reveals that we are now a scant two months from the end of the year, which, for most, probably went by pretty quickly. While we haven’t yet been deluged with an avalanche of Christmas ads (coming soon to multiple devices near you), many people will begin to cast a glance toward the 2023 calendar year. It’s human nature to want to improve ourselves as another year dawns, and we tend to focus on specific areas of our lives. Yet while new year’s resolutions are fairly common, they aren’t particularly effective if you look at the success rates. 60% fail by the six-month mark.


So, how do we go about affecting real change in our lives – big changes like becoming your own boss? At FranNet, we love to stay ahead of the curve, so take a look at some helpful advice we’ve compiled below to help you create an effective plan for making 2023 your “Year of Change.”


The Next 60 Days

If you’ve ever wanted to become your own boss and live a life more entrepreneurial, the next two months will be a critical window to help you get a jump on your plans. After all, you can’t really expect to move the needle by making a new year’s eve resolution – the time to act is now. Don’t worry – this stage doesn’t require any heavy lifting, but there are areas where you can get a jump on your progress. The opening act of this effort is about taking stock of your current situation. If you put in a serious effort to evaluate your life, you’ll be ready to make a real commitment – the decision to make a change in your life.


Identify – and Eliminate – Obstacles

The next two months can be beneficial in determining what’s been holding you back from chasing your entrepreneurial dreams. We all have them. Obstacles that stand in the way of progress. Your job is to identify them and find a way to succeed in spite of them. Whether it’s procrastination, surrounding yourself with negativity, or a tangible challenge such as your income, there are always actionable steps you can take to lessen their effect on your outlook. Even the slightest changes can greatly alter your possibilities – but you’ll never get there if you don’t try.


Set Your Goals (in Writing)

To be blunt, you need to begin with an “Action Statement.” Write down your desired outcome for 2023 – “I will become my own boss in the next year.” Once you’ve got that down, begin writing how you’ll achieve this action statement – the steps necessary to induce progress. Explain to yourself what sequential actions will help you achieve your end goal. To become your own boss, you’ll need to know what kind of business you want to own. You’ll need to know what kind of business you were meant to own. And you’ll need to know what you intend to do in finding out. It’s at this stage where you can enlist the help of FranNet to make progress. Our consultants can provide you with expert-level advice on these questions and others. And a big part of your actionable steps should include the completion of FranNet’s Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile. This online assessment takes only minutes to complete – but can provide a lifetime of valuable insight for your entrepreneurial quest.


The next 60 days can provide you with the head start you need to ensure that your year of change isn’t just cheap sales talk. Setting up a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with your FranNet representative can help you review your plans for 2023. If you truly want to change your life for the better – and follow through on your entrepreneurial dreams once and for all – we urge you to get started now.


You’ll thank yourself later. This we know from experience.


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Nov 7, 2022