Canada Franchise Expert Shares Thoughts on Burger King-Tim Horton’s merger with Global News

Franchise Industry Expert and President of, Gary Prenevost, was recently featured on Global News where he shared his franchising knowledge with viewers about the recent historic merger between Tim Horton’s and Burger King.

The two companies recently agreed to a $12.5 billion deal which stipulated that Tim Horton’s franchise shareholders would receive $65.50 in cash and 0.8025 shares of the new company per Tim Horton’s share. Tim Horton’s share value has since jumped significantly in this week’s trading. At the same time, it was announced that the new company would be moving its headquarters to Canada, thereby avoiding the high corporate tax rates in the United States.

On a segment with Global News, Gary was able to speak to and explain to viewers how the recent merger would affect both Burger King and Tim Horton’s franchises both in Canada and globally. Viewers who viewed the segment walked away with information on how the Tim Horton’s merger would affect the beloved Canadian brand and how it would affect the running of the two restaurants. Gary was able to illustrate what to expect from the merger and how it was a win-win situation for both companies.

“Tim Horton’s is saturated in Canada and needs to grow internationally. Aligning with the #3 brand in the world, is a huge opportunity for Tim Horton’s to grow internationally and expand their business”, says Gary, who also went on to warn customers not to expect too much of a change in the day to day running of either restaurant, saying that he expected the changes to be more focused on the operational side of the business.

“This merger is about optimization for two brands who are both struggling with the same challenge — growth”, said Gary.   He continued outlining that the merger allows both restaurants to grow globally.

The news of the merger between the two Fast food franchises has created the third largest fast service food corporation in the world, and is getting a lot of media attention around the world.

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Sep 2, 2014