Are Non-Food Franchises Good Opportunities?

When people think of a franchised business, they likely think of a fast food chain like McDonalds or Burger King. After all, Americans spend $160 billion per year on fast food, which puts them in the number one spot for fast food consumption (World Population Review). 

While food franchises are one of the most common types of franchised businesses, there are plenty of non-food franchise opportunities worth considering. In fact, there are over 4,000 franchise brands across more than 90 industries in the United States and Canada combined. The franchise model has proven successful across many industries including healthcare, education, home services, and more, giving prospective franchisees the ability to choose a sector that aligns with their interests and expertise. 

6 Benefits to Owning a Non-Food Franchise

#1- Lower Operational Costs 

Since a non-food franchise doesn’t require expensive kitchen equipment or compliance with health regulations, they typically have a lower initial investment and operating costs. This is especially true for non-food franchises that don’t have to manage a significant amount of inventory, if any at all. 

#2 – Stable Market Demand 

It’s true that Americans love going out to eat, but it is an expense that can be cut during economic downturns. However, there are many non-food franchises that are considered essential services (home maintenance, senior care, automotive services, etc.), which means there will always be a demand in economic highs and lows. This allows for a more predictable revenue stream. 

#3 – Less Competition

While a food franchise can be a lucrative opportunity, it is also a highly competitive industry. As one editorial put it, “As the number of food franchises continues to proliferate, the industry faces challenges related to market saturation and heightened competition.”

The non-food franchise market is generally not as saturated as the food industry, making it easier to start a business with less direct competition. 

#4 – Simpler Management 

The nature of a food business involves a lot of moving pieces requiring constant attention (food preparation, safety, customer service, etc.). However, many non-food franchises have simpler day-to-day operations that might only require managing schedules and supplies. 

#5 – Flexible Location

There’s often greater flexibility and lower costs associated with a non-food franchise. A food franchise almost certainly requires a brick and mortar, which comes with significant start-up expenses and ongoing rental costs. However, there are many non-food franchise opportunities that can be run from home or various other locations (cleaning services, home services, pet services, etc.). 

#6 – Scalability 

While it’s definitely possible to scale a food franchise, it is a complex process that requires managing additional physical restaurant locations. However, a non-food franchise is typically easier to scale since it often means just hiring more staff and acquiring more clients.  

10 Non-Food Franchise Industry Examples 

Here are some of the top non-food franchise industries along with examples of franchised businesses. 

  • Health and Fitness – StretchLab, Orangetheory Fitness, etc. 
  • Cleaning Services – Home Clean Heroes, Molly Maid, etc. 
  • Home Services – Glass Doctor, Five Star Painting, etc. 
  • Childcare and Early Education – Building Kidz School, Ivybrook Academy, etc. 
  • Senior Care – Home Instead Senior Care, Assisting Hands Home Care, etc. 
  • Retail and Specialty Stores – Red Wing Shoes, Grocery Outlet, etc. 
  • Automotive Services – Christian Brothers Automotive, Meineke, etc. 
  • Business Services – 1-800-Striper, P3 Cost Analysts, etc. 
  • Real Estate and Property Management – Real Property Management, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, etc. 
  • Pet Services – Pet Supplies Plus, Dogtopia, etc. 

Ready to Start Your Franchise Journey?

In addition to the list above, there are many more non-food franchises to explore. Whether it’s a food franchise or non-food franchise, FranNet is here to help you find the right opportunity. We work with hundreds of verified brands, and we believe that joining the right franchise is key to success. Our expert franchise consultants will evaluate your goals and skills to match you with the perfect franchise. Schedule your free consultation today!  

Jul 2, 2024