What Is Local Franchise Marketing?

“Marketing refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of its products or services. Marketing includes advertising and allows businesses to sell products and services to consumers, other businesses, and organizations.” (Investopedia

While marketing generally includes national and global strategies, local franchise marketing entails marketing strategies that are tailored to the local level. A franchisor will typically market the brand on a national level while providing some level of support to individual franchisees’ local marketing efforts.  

Local marketing is essential to the success of franchise businesses for the following reasons: 

  • Targeting local audiences 
  • Building community connection 
  • Competing with local businesses
  • Enhancing customer experience 
  • Maximizing foot traffic & sales 
  • Optimizing operational efficiency 
  • Adapting to market dynamics  

Local Franchise Marketing – Everything You Need to Know 

What is the Scope of Local Franchise Marketing? 

Each franchise location should have a local marketing strategy that’s customized to its specific geographic area. These strategies will include localized advertising, community engagement, customer outreach, and more. The goal with local marketing is to adapt national or global brand messaging to resonate with local audiences while maintaining brand consistency. 

4 Key Differences Between Local and National Marketing Strategies 

#1 – Target Audience

While national marketing strategies target a broad audience across multiple regions, a local marketing strategy targets specific communities or regions taking into account the preferences and behaviors of local consumers. 

#2 – Messaging and Content

National marketing tends to use standardized messaging that applies to a broad audience, and local marketing chooses messaging that resonates with a specific target area. An effective local marketing strategy will emphasize the cultural and demographic characteristics of a local audience. 

#3 – Media Channels

National marketing employs broad media channels like national television, online advertising platforms, and wide-reaching social media networks. However, local marketing will utilize hyper-local media channels including community newspapers, local radio stations, regional social media groups, and more. 

#4 – Flexibility and Customization

Since national marketing strategies are typically more standardized they are less adaptable. However, a local marketing strategy offers flexibility and customization in order to meet the local market’s specific needs and preferences. 

5 Effective Local Franchise Marketing Strategies  

#1 – Build a Strong Local Online Presence 

The following avenues are effective ways to build a business’s local online presence: 

  • Local SEO Optimization – This is when the content on a website is optimized for local keywords, which includes specific city or neighborhood names. This strategy can improve the visibility of the website in local search results. 
  • Google Business Profile Optimization – A Google Business Profile is another great way to increase a business’s visibility in local search results. Each franchise location should have its own listing that’s optimized for local keywords and includes accurate business information, consistent branding, and positive customer reviews. 
  • Local Directory Listings – Directory listings are yet another way to improve search engine rankings and be more present in local search results. Businesses should ensure consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information across local online listings. 

#2 – Leverage Social Media for Local Engagement and Community Building

While social media platforms can certainly be used for national marketing campaigns, local marketing strategies can also take advantage of them.  

  • Localized Content Creation – This entails creating content that resonates with local audiences and sharing it on social media platforms. Relevant content will include local events, community news, and location-specific franchise promotions. 
  • Engagement and Interaction – In order to use social media channels for local marketing, a business should actively engage with local followers and build a relationship with the local community. A simple way to do this is to respond to comments, messages, and reviews. 
  • Geo-targeted Advertising – Social media platforms include advertising features that allow a business to target local audiences. A business can ensure their content reaches the right audience by creating a strategy that targets specific geographic locations, demographics, and interests.

#3 – Implement Targeted Local Advertising Campaigns

There are a few local media channels a franchise business should consider when creating a local marketing strategy:  

  • Geo-targeted Online Ads – Platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow businesses to create a targeted online advertising campaign that reaches local consumers based on their geographic location and search behavior. 
  • Local Print and Media Advertising – It’s often worth investing in local print publications, radio stations, and community websites in order to reach an audience in a specific geographic area. 
  • Promotional Offers and Discounts – Localized promotions and discounts is another way to create a targeted advertising campaign. These location-specific deals will incentivize local customers to visit particular franchise locations. 

#4 – Utilizing Local Events and Partnerships for Brand Visibility

Local events are an effective way for a business to increase its local visibility. A few ways to participate in local events include: 

  • Community Events Sponsorship – A business can sponsor a local event, festival, or charity initiative, which not only increases brand visibility, but it also shows commitment to the local community. 
  • Cross-Promotions with Local Businesses – Complementary businesses can also collaborate with each other and co-host an event, run a joint promotion, or offer cross-promotional discounts. This strategy expands their reach and attracts new customers. 
  • Branded Pop-up Events – Another way to promote franchise offerings directly to the local community is through pop-up events in high-traffic local areas. This generates buzz and is a great way to engage with potential customers. 

#5 – Encourage Customer Reviews and Testimonials for Local Credibility

Oftentimes the credibility of a business is what attracts new customers. A business can bolster their local marketing strategy by capitalizing on this in the following ways: 

  • Review Management Strategy – A business should proactively manage their online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and social media channels by encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive feedback. Additionally, a business should politely respond to negative reviews, perhaps with an explanation or a solution, while also thanking those who took the time to leave a positive review. 
  • Testimonial Campaigns – Another way to display positive feedback and build credibility with local audiences is to collect and showcase customer testimonials and success stories at each franchise location. 
  • Incentivized Feedback Programs – A business can also offer incentives or rewards for customers who leave a review, which encourages greater participation and increases the amount of testimonials for each franchise location. 

Ready to Build a Successful Local Franchise Marketing Strategy?  

If you are pursuing franchise ownership, then you will inevitably need to employ an effective local franchise marketing strategy with the support of your franchisor. The first step is to purchase a franchise in a geographic location that suits you. FranNet can help. Our expert franchise consultants will evaluate your specific skills and goals and match you with the right franchise brand. Schedule your free consultation today to get started!

Mar 31, 2024