Business Ownership Exploration

Part 1

Introduction to Series

Join FranNet’s Business Ownership Exploration video series, where CEO Jania Bailey explores the three main paths to self-employment. Gain valuable insights into the pros and cons of each to make an informed choice that suits your goals!


Why Business Ownership?

In this part of the series, FranNet CEO Jania Bailey poses a crucial question: “What defines success for you?” When it pertains to business ownership, typical responses encompass fulfillment, flexibility, independence, and financial security. These elements should guide your assessment of business ownership options. Consider, “How would owning a business change my life?”

Risk vs. Reality of Business Ownership

FranNet CEO, Jania Bailey delves into the balance between risk and reality in business ownership. Is pursuing a corporate job genuinely the safest path? Jania explores the risk levels across various businesses and industries, examines the evolving landscape of job security, and delves into economic factors to consider.

Your Three Business Ownership Options

In this section, FranNet CEO Jania Bailey delves into the three avenues for entering the business world: Starting from scratch, purchasing an existing business, or investing in a franchise. Bailey provides a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of each option. As we explore why franchising could emerge as the optimal choice, we’ll unravel prevalent myths, unveil realities, and scrutinize the critical unknowns that demand your attention.

Part 2

What is a Franchise?

Welcome to the second installment of our Business Ownership Exploration series! In this section, Jania Bailey, CEO of FranNet, delves into the essence of franchising. Bailey covers topics like royalties, distribution channels, multi-unit operations, and beyond. Discover how franchise brands establish market prominence and how they provide robust support to franchisees, who, in turn, serve their customers effectively.

The FDD and Your Due Diligence

Get ready to jot down notes in this segment! Jania Bailey, FranNet’s CEO, sheds light on the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and its significance to you. Franchising is subject to Federal Trade Commission regulations, mandating such documentation. The FDD stands as a pivotal component of your due diligence. It serves as a comprehensive source of information about the brand under scrutiny, covering aspects like advertising, protected territories, total investment, and more. We’ve got you covered with all the essential details!

Franchising Myths

“Franchising is limited to fast food and retail.” FALSE.

However, such misconceptions are all too common. In this section, Jania Bailey, CEO of FranNet, dispels the most prevalent myths and misunderstandings surrounding franchising. Leave behind your preconceived notions, as Bailey is here to set the record straight.

Why Own a Franchise?

Jania Bailey, FranNet’s CEO, dissects the reasons why franchising could align perfectly with your aspirations. Through diligent research, franchising has the potential to mitigate the inherent risks of business ownership. In this model, you’re running your own venture, but you’re not navigating it in isolation. Bailey also emphasizes the variability among franchises and offers valuable tips on key considerations.

Part 3

Finding Your Perfect Fit

In this installment of our series, FranNet’s CEO, Jania Bailey, explores the process of discovering the franchise concept that aligns seamlessly with your goals. Bailey guides you in distinguishing the business’s role from the owner’s role. Consider what your responsibilities as a business owner will entail and whether you find them enjoyable. Avoid a scenario where you adore the franchise’s product or service but despise the day-to-day tasks it would require.

Your Business Model & Transferable Skills

Let’s delve into the intricate details of your business model and your unique contributions. Jania Bailey, FranNet’s CEO, delves into the essential questions you need to pose while choosing a franchise. Acquire a deeper understanding of your desires in franchise ownership and how your current skill set can benefit a franchisor.

Additional Resources

FranNet’s CEO, Jania Bailey, introduces supplementary resources that can enhance your exploration journey. Discover the advantages of engaging a FranNet Consultant and consider other crucial professional advisors. Bailey also offers the following reading recommendations to bolster your due diligence:


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