8 Most Canadian Types of Franchises to Start

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

You should start a franchise, eh.The question is: What type of franchise should you start?

If you want to stay close to your Canadian roots or you have come to Canada from somewhere else and want your business to reflect your new homeland, might we suggest the following eight types of fantastic franchises:

1. Coffee & Doughnuts

Canada’s most famous franchise is a ubiquitous doughnut shop and there’s no doubt we love our doughnuts here. Whether you join the country’s most well-known coffee and doughnut franchise or you try something a little different, Canadians hunger for “hole foods” can bring you a whole lotta success.

2. Mosquito Control

If there’s one knock against Canada’s great outdoors, it’s that in summer those pesky, little bloodsuckers known as mosquitoes can sometimes make things next to unbearable. Helping your neighbours enjoy their yard without the buzzing of these pests is as Canadian as it gets.

3. Outdoor Adventure

Speaking of the outdoors, Canada has a lot of it to explore, so opening an outdoor adventure franchise lets you show off your Canuck credentials. Whether you want to sell outdoor adventure gear or you want to join a franchise that offers the adventures themselves, the great outdoors has lots of Canadian franchising opportunities any time of the year.

4. Auto Care

There’s no doubt Canadians love their cars. With such a geographically large country to get around, cars are important parts of Canadians’ lives and they need to be continuously cared for. Show your Canadianess with a car care franchise. Potholes and rocks flung up from gravel roads mean that vehicles take a beating here. Help keep them in good shape and your finances could be in great shape.

5. Barbecue Cleaning

If there’s one thing synonymous with Canadian summer (aside from the aforementioned mosquitoes), it’s barbecuing. Stroll through any neighbourhood across the country on a summer evening and you won’t get half a block without the scent of someone grilling up some grub. But, all that barbecuing means dirty barbecues, which are such a pain to clean. Take the stress of barbecue cleaning out of people’s lives and give them back their time by opening a barbecue cleaning franchise.

6. Humane Wildlife Pest Control

We love us some great outdoors, but sometimes the great outdoors love to come indoors and that’s when you need to call a wildlife pest control company to come deal with the problem. It wouldn’t be Canadian to kill the critters, though, so if you want to show that famous Canadian compassion, try a humane wildlife pest control franchise.

7. Fitness

Canadians love being healthy and you can help them with a fitness franchise. With Canada’s famously frigid winters, it’s not always easy to find somewhere to work up a sweat in January, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. Give people a place to participate in their favourite fitness activities all year round and while they stay trim you could see your bank account expand.

8. Landscaping/Snow Removal

There’s always grass to cut in summer and snow to remove in winter. Heck, in Newfoundland this year, there’s even been snow to remove in summer! Yes, the “great white” in Great White North is tons upon tons upon tons of snow and if you can give people a way to get that snow out of their yard in winter and then come back and cut their grass in the summer, you’ll easily find yourself customers for a landscaping and snow removal franchise. There may be nothing more Canadian than grumbling about the cold and snow while you’re shovelling it and then warming up with a doughnut and coffee afterward.

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Jul 2, 2018