Being in Business for Yourself, but Not by Yourself (Benefits of Being a Franchisee)

A core tenet in the world of franchising is that when you go into business for yourself, you’re never by yourself, in a manner of speaking. Because the essence of a franchise opportunity is that the franchisee has the support and experience of an established brand backing their efforts throughout the process. In this week’s blog entry, we’re going to look at a few of the ways you truly benefit from becoming a franchisee. And most, if not all of these benefits aren’t available to the entrepreneur launching an independent business of their own.

It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed at times after the decision has been made to enter the business world as a franchise owner. Some franchisees truly feel as if they are on an island. But FranNet of NJ & NYC wants you to know that this island is packed with others, all of whom share in the common interest of seeing you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s take a look at three of the most positive factors when going the franchise route:

Brand Establishment
When you buy into a franchise, you’re literally buying into the research and development of a proven business opportunity. Countless years of work, planning and dedication have preceded your decision in how to establish the franchise’s brand and business—and how to run it successfully. Think of it as a trekking guide. You may be entering unchartered waters (being in business for yourself) as far as you’re concerned, but your guide (the established franchise brand) has traveled this route many times over and back again.

Training, Procedures & Ongoing Support
As a franchisee, you’ll get some serious hand holding when it comes to getting your franchise operation off the ground and running. That’s because training procedures and operating manuals (required by law, by the way) are made available to you, which takes any guesswork out of the process equation. Simply follow the guidelines and established procedures and you’ll be on the road to success. And lest you stray or have an unplanned problem, the ongoing support from the franchise corporate office is designed to be your constant companion.

Established Customer Base
Each franchise has completed countless target marketing studies to determine a franchisee’s ideal customer base. You won’t have to do your own market research to find your sales because it’s already available. Franchises by nature are designed to become proven concepts with scalable business plans to assist you in achieving personal success and an unlimited future. Your customers will reap the benefits of an established franchise brand through the earned trust and reputation of your predecessors. This is why, statistically speaking, franchises have a much lower risk of failure than independently owned and operated businesses.

Franchising is innately competitive in the marketplace because they are designed to provide built-in benefits to entrepreneurial ownership. And this is why you need to strongly consider the benefits of how each franchise opportunity is structured to ensure success. So if you’re considering becoming a franchisee, always remember that you may be in business for yourself, but you’ll never be in business by yourself.

Do you feel that you’re ready to get started? If this article has inspired you to investigate a franchise opportunity, perhaps it’s time for a free consultation with a qualified and experienced franchise consultant. As it turns out, FranNet of NJ & NYC is just the place! As a franchise consultant company with a great track record of assisting individuals on their path to business ownership, make arrangements to speak with one of our representatives today.

Oct 2, 2014