Franchise Spotlight: British Swim School

This FranNet of Canada blog features our Franchise Spotlight on British Swim School, a franchise that provides an opportunity for children to learn how to swim, no matter their age. Swimming instruction has been proven to prevent child drownings through one-of-a-kind techniques taught by experienced instructors. As a franchise owner, you never have to get wet or teach a lesson (unless you want to). The brand itself rents the pools, so there are no costs for build-out, maintenance, or upkeep.

One of the reasons franchising is so successful is that the business concepts can be customized to fit the strengths of individual candidates, allowing one’s passion to become their income stream. And there are plenty of parents who are passionate about keeping children safe from preventable dangers. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, children between the ages of 0-to-nine years of age account for the largest proportion of drowning-related cases at 79%.

The British Swim School has moved beyond the emerging brand status in the franchise world, now 10 years strong. Its innovative “learn to swim” programs have rendered this brand the leader in North American formal swim instruction. Since the first franchise location opened its doors in 2011, the British Swim School has grown to include more than 215 schools across 23 U.S. states and Canadian provinces. The popularity of this business opportunity doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, with new schools set to launch in multiple markets. It’s an impressive achievement for a brand launched in England in 1981, before migrating to the U.S. and Canada.

Utilizing innovative methods with students, The British Swim School has become the trusted leader in swim instruction. Students can begin their journey as young as three months of age. With their mantra of “Survival of the Littlest”, this franchise aims to enable even the youngest of us to mitigate an incident. The school’s method is to teach survival first, then swim stroke development. Instruction is  based on a gentle and encouraging approach, provided by an experienced and caring instructor.

This service is not exclusive to children. You’ll find a diverse variety of offerings for children, as well as adults, at virtually any skill level. Once an individual has mastered the seven instructional levels, according to age group, they’re welcome to join the brand’s internal superstar swim team, The Barracudas.

The British Swim School makes great business sense, as well. The brand employs an innovative business model, utilizing the abundance of unused and/or underused pools across the country. The franchise encourages owners to partner with facilities that already have pools not being used to their full potential, if at all. Avoiding overhead costs and maintenance fees for pools and facilities puts this franchise within reach for many potential owners.

“Ours is a proven concept that allows our franchise owners to build a significant business while also serving a higher purpose in the community,” said British Swim School President Brian Garrison. With a passion for improving the survival skills of children, coupled with an attainable startup model, it’s no wonder British Swim School ranks No. 14 among the top-franchises under $150K.

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Sep 21, 2021