Give Us a Listen: Unpredicted Entrepreneur

Chances are, you have a favorite podcast or two that you listen to on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s one about true crime. Maybe it’s one hosted by one of your favorite movie stars, or it could be a show that follows your favorite sports team on a fanatical level. According to some of the most recent statistics, one-third of Americans—over 100 million—listen to podcasts regularly.  Numbers like that are hard to ignore, so FranNet of Dallas-Fort Worth & Oklahoma created a podcast of our own.


Hosted by Sara Waskow and Roxanne Rapske, your DFW franchise experts from FranNet, it’s called “Unpredicted Entrepreneur”. And you should give us a listen! The show is available through iTunes and Spotify, (plus several other podcast platforms) or you can stream it on Facebook and YouTube.

Unpredicted Entrepreneur is a show dedicated to all things franchising, including franchise consulting—the magic behind how we help individuals become their own boss by matching them with business opportunities that align with their strengths, skills, and lifestyle desires. The show launched a few months back, as we wanted to have a few episodes under our belt before we made a more formal announcement. At the time of this writing, we’ve released eight episodes and counting.

One of our favorite show formats is to invite some of our previous clients to come on the Unpredicted Entrepreneur podcast to share their own story and perspective about become a business owner through franchising. Our listeners should appreciate these inspirational journeys of entrepreneurship from business owners who finally said yes to themselves and their future. We’ve also invited representatives from our industry to come on the air and talk about how they service their particular franchising sector of the economy. If you’ve been considering a life and destiny more your own lately, take a few moments and review some of our past episodes to see if the stories we share can inspire a journey of your own.

If you have a particular thought you’d like to share about being or becoming an Unpredicted Entrepreneur, we’d love to hear from you. Just submit your name, email address, and your message in our online submission form, available at the bottom of this page:

Each and every day, FranNet of Dallas-Fort Worth & Oklahoma is helping budding entrepreneurs in their journey to establish business ownership. We can help you become your own boss and the process begins with a free assessment of your current career and expectations. Everything we do is no-cost and no-obligation. We hope you can join us for an upcoming episode of Unpredicted Entrepreneur—and if you do and it inspires you to act, we can help you begin your entrepreneurial journey. Just let us know!

Oct 26, 2021