How a Franchise Broker Can Help you Find Your Perfect Business Opportunity

Starting a new business is an exciting adventure for most people. Like any adventure, it can be fraught with pitfalls, though. Just when you think you’re on the right path, you take a wrong turn or find an obstacle in your way. Getting back on the right path and overcoming obstacles is all part of the growing process as you continue your journey of business ownership.

Opting to buy a franchise is like getting a head start on business ownership because you receive the backing of an established brand and the team behind that brand. The franchisor will help you find a location, get set up and help you attract and manage customers, among other things.

But, you can get even more of a head start than that if you use a franchise broker.

Before you purchase a franchise, you have to choose which franchise to join. That’s not always an easy task. Some would-be entrepreneurs aren’t sure which direction they should go when choosing a business to get involved with. It’s not enough to merely have an interest in a particular industry, you need to have enough passion for it to make a business work. You also need to consider how much of an initial investment you can make and your prior work experience.

Not to mention that there are thousands of franchises to choose from. Combing through all of them to find which one would be right for you would take an incredible amount of time. Even if you found one you were confident in joining, it might not turn out to be a good fit and you might find yourself having a false start on your entrepreneurial journey.

How a Franchise Broker Can Help You

Simply put, a franchise broker connects potential franchisees with franchisors that are looking for entrepreneurs who want to own their own business.

Typically, a franchise broker will have a list of franchisor clients they work with. Reputable broker agencies will vet the franchisors they work with to make sure they are representing only the best franchises to their potential franchisee clients.

A FranNet consultant will interview aspiring business owners, asking about their previous experience, why they want to own their own business, their interests and how much capital they have to work with, among other things. They then take this information and match the aspiring business owner with a small number of franchises the future business owner is most likely to be successful with. Presented with the best options, the person who is looking to start a business can then choose from just a handful of franchises instead of having to choose from hundreds of options.

The broker provides a valuable service to both would-be franchisees and franchisors by connecting the two and saving both parties from spending an inordinate amount of time searching through hundreds of profiles to find a match.

Franchise brokers know all of their franchise clients intimately and they conduct thorough interviews with their franchisee clients to get to know them as intimately as possible. This means their matches have a high probability of success because they know exactly what each of the parties is looking for. There is no guesswork or trial and error, just an informed decision about which franchise an entrepreneur would do best with each other.

When looking for that perfect franchise, a brokerage like FranNet offers an invaluable service to aspiring entrepreneurs and franchisors alike by connecting the best candidates with the most relevant opportunities. To find a FranNet consultant, simply use the FranNet Consultant Directory.

Jun 8, 2017