How Important is Being a Good Fit for a Franchise?

Even those who already possess an entrepreneurial mindset have questions about their future as a business owner. Most—if not all—have already dedicated a portion of their lives working in the service of others, perhaps content with their company roles. But taking that leap of faith into the unknown, they wonder what the best business ownership opportunity looks like for their personal situation. And it’s a complicated question—sometimes with a complicated answer. After all, there are thousands of franchise business opportunities out there. So…

How important is being a good fit for a franchise?

It’s not just important. It’s everything. The franchise investigative process—above all else—requires that candidates approach the journey with an open mind. And for decades, FranNet has helped thousands of entrepreneurs transition into business owners because we know that there is a perfect franchise fit out there for each individual client. In almost every case, we will find the concept that fits best with your strengths and skill set. Our process all but guarantees it. Let’s discuss some key points:

Tell Us Who You Are

The franchise investigative process begins with our Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile. It’s an online survey where you’ll tell FranNet about your work values, your work motivations, your work styles, and your investment tolerance level. If you’re not necessarily a fit for franchise ownership in general, the answers you provide will tell us that, too.

What’s Revealed

Your personal profile with FranNet is based on the answers you provide to your Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile. When compiled, our computing algorithms will search only for franchise concepts and business models that align with your preferences. Need an example? Let’s say you don’t prefer a 9-5 office environment as a business owner. Maybe you feel constrained if you’re “chained to a desk all day.” If that’s the case, the results you receive could easily include concepts for mobile-based business models—the kind that keep you on the go all day long via appointments.

Why We Want You to be Sure

Once you’ve progressed quite a way down the road to franchise ownership with a particular concept, it’s time for the “serious inquiries only” stage. Your FranNet representative will make direct introductions to executives with the franchise, as well as other franchisees in the system. This is the validation stage, and it has everything to do with determining a fit. In speaking with the executives with a franchise, you’re determining if they’re a fit for you. Just as they’re determining if you’re a fit for them. Everything culminates with Discovery Day—where you’ll travel to their corporate headquarters for in-person evaluations and meetings. If you both determine that there is a fit, you’ll have a decision to make.

There are seven stages of working with FranNet, beginning with your Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile, and ending with a decision to purchase a franchise. Each of the steps in between are opportunities to ensure you’ll find the right business ownership opportunity. One that aligns with your preferences determined in your initial FranNet survey. Some of the concepts we will suggest may surprise you, but you’ll always come to realize why they’re a fit.

You just have to keep an open mind. And trust the process.

If you’re ready to begin an entrepreneurial journey, FranNet can help you find the perfect match is a franchised business. Get started today with a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with a FranNet rep who lives and works in your area.

Jun 29, 2021