How to Know if You’re Entrepreneurial-Minded

Plenty of people do have a desire to become their own boss, and franchising offers an advantageous route to small business ownership. But to succeed as a franchise owner, you have to be an entrepreneurial-minded individual. And some people clearly aren’t cut out for this lifestyle. It takes a certain approach and outlook to achieve this mindset – and FranNet is here to help you determine your suitability for it.


How do you know if you’re entrepreneurial-minded? Here are some of the most common indicators, and how they contribute to becoming a successful small business owner.


You’re a Visionary

If you’re entrepreneurial-minded, you likely have a specific vision on what you’d like to contribute to the world. You see yourself as a conduit for introducing something meaningful to others that has the possibility of positively contributing to others – especially on a local, community-based level. You’re driven by the thought of growth, progress, and expansion. And you have a keen sense of opportunism – as well as capitalizing upon it.


You’re Not One for the Status Quo

Most, but not all, entrepreneurs shun the traditionalist approach. You like the idea of being a disruptor. Doing something better, faster, and cheaper than what’s currently available – be it a product or a service. New ideas or approaches feel like an adventure to you – and you want to see how to make them work. You’re also probably not the best candidate for a 9-to-5 desk job in a cubicle farm.


You Have Big Ideas

Entrepreneurs are special in that they think about scale. For them, it’s not about ideas, but about big ideas – and how to bring them to life. Because you’re observant by nature, you’ve witnessed and tracked countless ideas that eventually came to fruition. You’re the type that gets ideas in the shower, in their dreams, or driving down the road. And it’s a safe bet you’ve got a notepad to write them down. You’re ready to make your own mark in the world because you have the big idea mindset that can get you there.


You’re a Team Player

Most entrepreneurs are “active listeners.” This means they have an uncommon ability to listen to advice, feedback, and even constructive criticism. It’s a sign of being a good team player – one who can comprehend all the angles before making a decision. What you desire is to see answers that benefit the team, not the individual. It’s a good sign, because franchises depend on the success of their team-based networks.


You’re Structured

A majority of entrepreneurs understand the value of structured environments. This general orderliness of things lends itself to franchise ownership, as their business models are predicated on following a proven business model according to the brand’s operating procedures. Challenges and obstacles don’t concern you as much as others, because you understand the value of a structured approach to solving problems.


These qualities are but a few of the characteristics commonly found among the entrepreneurial-minded. But there is one more important attribute to consider – your support system. To be successful in the franchising industry requires a strong network of supporters, such as your family, friends, and colleagues. It’s important for any entrepreneur to secure buy-in and support for the ventures they pursue in life, and franchise ownership is a prime example. Establishing a business in your own community that will benefit others, as well as you and your loved ones, will require the support from your target market – the consumers of your product or service.


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Oct 28, 2022