Why Veterans Make Great Business Owners

Calling all ‘Vetrepreneurs’! In continuing our mission to offer new and innovative franchise opportunities to a wider audience, FranNet is pleased to announce the creation of our new landing page, dedicated solely to U.S. military veterans and their families.

Many people are unaware that the training and skills learned in our military service branches give veterans an advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship. Once veterans transition back to civilian life, they already have the transferable knowledge that makes franchise ownership an ideal choice. Discipline, leadership, teamwork, motivation, and accomplishing a well-defined objective are the hallmarks of good franchise owners, but the greatest asset is the ability to follow a set of defined procedures while following a proven business model.

Please check out our new FranNet Veterans page, designed exclusively for those we owe our thanks. Feel free to share some of the surprising statistics that reveal why our former military service members are a great match for business ownership through franchising.

If you, or a veteran you know in your own networking circle, might be ready to begin an entrepreneurial journey, FranNet can help you find the perfect match is a franchised business. Get started today with a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with a FranNet rep who lives and works in your area.

Jul 1, 2021