What you Need to Know About Mobile Franchises in Canada

Not everyone who wants to own a business wants to be confined to a building or store. Sometimes it’s preferable to be able to go to the customers instead. That’s where mobile franchising comes into play.

Known for low startup fees, mobile franchises allow you to make your own hours and usually don’t require you to hire many employees. Best of all, they don’t require you to purchase or lease any real estate.


People increasingly want service providers to come to them rather than the other way around. Often run out of vehicles, mobile franchises cover the entire spectrum of franchising opportunities.

One of the most popular mobile services is cleaning. Whether it’s homes, offices, pools or anything else that needs to be cleaned, you can find a franchise that caters to that market. With a vehicle loaded with supplies, a cleaning franchise can easily get to their customer’s homes and places of work to provide their service. Aside from a vehicle, the only thing you really need is a place to store excess supplies.

Other types of mobile cleaning franchises include:

  • carpets,
  • home exteriors,
  • air conditioners,
  • windows and solar panels,
  • barbecues, and
  • vehicles.

Market research company IBISWorld says the janitorial industry in Canada is worth $6 billion in revenue. Although it grew slowly at just 0.8% from 2012 to 2017, one of the factors for success that IBISWorld identifies for businesses in this market is being part of a franchise.  

With an aging population who are going to want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their lives, there will be plenty of opportunity in the future for people who want to open a mobile cleaning franchise business.

Other Home Services

Home repair and pest control are other niches where you can find success with a mobile franchise business in Canada. Home repair has become highly specialized and you can find a franchise that takes care of just about every facet of making minor repairs to houses. From fixing cracks to painting to specializing on one room like bathrooms or kitchens, there is plenty of franchising opportunity for anyone who wants to own a repair business. You can even help people recover from misfortune with home restoration franchises.

Creepy crawlies and critters who make themselves unwelcome guests in people’s homes also provide a huge opportunity for aspiring business people who want to open a pest control franchise.

Pet Based Mobile Businesses

With Canadians spending more money on their pets, the pet industry is booming in the country. Many people prefer to call themselves “pet parents” these days, speaking to the increased devotion they feel toward their pets.

That means an increased focus on grooming for many people’s pets. But rather than take those pets to the groomer, pet owners are opting for groomers to come to them. A specially outfitted van and some basic tools is all you need to run a mobile pet grooming business. Some franchises will hold your hand through the entire process of getting started with a mobile grooming business.

IBISWorld’s Pet Grooming & Boarding in Canada market research report says the entire pet grooming and boarding industry is worth $541 million and experienced annual growth of 6.8% from 2012-17.

IBISWorld lists proximity to market as a key to success in the pet industry, meaning being mobile is a huge advantage to anyone who wants to get into it. Other mobile pet franchise opportunities include dog walking, pet sitting and waste clean-up.

Health and Beauty Based Mobile Business

Pets aren’t the only ones getting the home beauty treatment. Pet owners and people in general also want to be pampered in the comfort of their own homes. Personal trainers, mobile massage services and mobile beauty treatments are on-the-go franchise opportunities open to the right entrepreneurs.

These are just a tiny slice of the available mobile franchising opportunities available to Canadians. If you prefer the automotive industry, there are franchises in that market, as well as party planning, vending machines, computer servicing, ATMs and the ever popular food trucks. For help finding the right mobile franchise opportunity for you, sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today.

Dec 27, 2017