What you Need to Know About Pet Franchising in Canada

Pets are members of our family and they can cost a lot of money, but for those who have a flair for entrepreneurialism, you can actually make money from pets. One option is to train some animals to perform tricks and then go busking in the street with your act. But, another option is to open a pet oriented franchise.

The pet industry in Canada performed well in 2017, according to Euromonitor International. This was in part due to what the market research company calls the continued “humanization” of pets, where people consider them to be members of the family rather than mere pets.

Most pet owners now consider themselves to be “pet parents” with “fur babies” rather than just animal owners. This means they are more willing to spend money on pets than in the past.

Just like the health and wellness trend among humans means people are thinking more about what they eat and how they exercise, so too are pet owners thinking more about what their pets eat. The high-end pet food market is growing, as pet owners opt for top-quality, natural, local and functional ingredients over traditional commercial food.

Although the pet care industry is dominated by three international brands in Canada, which control more than a third of the market, according to Euromonitor, there is room for smaller players who specialize in niche, higher end products and specialized services, especially mobile services that offer added convenience.

Pet Numbers

As of a year ago, there were approximately 8.8 million cats and 7.6 million dogs considered as household pets in Canada, according to the Canadian Animal Health Institute. Over the last ten years cat and dog ownership has increased by about 10% in Canada. Overall, approximately 41% of Canadian households include at least one dog, and around 37% include at least one cat.

While pet retail store franchises obviously require a hefty investment and a building, most other kinds of pet services don’t require a lot of upfront money to get started and can either be run out of a home or in a mobile unit.

Categories of Pet Franchises

Pet industry franchising opportunities can be broken down into seven categories.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet sitters look after pets while their owners are away. This might include playing with the pets, making sure they’re fed, giving them medication and cleaning their habitats and removing waste. The service will last for as long as the client is away and if you do a good job, you have a high likelihood of repeat customers. Sometimes you may be asked to perform other duties outside of pet sitting like bringing in the mail and watering plants.

Dog walking is specific to dogs and requires you to go to a client’s home, retrieve the dog and take it for a walk to make sure it gets an adequate amount of exercise.

Dog Training

You will require training yourself to become a dog trainer. But, if you have a love of dogs and you are patient, this might be a good franchising option for you. In addition to training the dogs, you’ll also need to train dog owners how to carry on with the training once you are done.

Pet Grooming

A potentially mobile or home-based franchise opportunity, pet groomers make pets look fabulous with washing and brushing. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to clip nails, clean ears, clean teeth and clip fur. Pet groomers can also sell products to their clients to keep their pets looking great between visits. The opportunity for repeat customers is also high with a pet grooming franchise. IBISWorld says the pet grooming industry in Canada is worth $545 million and grew by nearly 7% annually between 2012 – 2017.

Retail Pet Shops

Whether you want to go big box or more niche, you can find a pet retail store franchise to fit your budget. You might even want to sell online and only have to worry about having to keep stock on hand. No matter how you do it, a retail pet franchise is a big commitment and you should be prepared for all the rigours of running a store. According to IBISWorld, the pet retail industry in Canada is worth $2 billion and it grew annually at just over 6% from 2012 – 2017.

Pet Waste Removal Services

Primarily aimed at dog owners, pet waste removal involves getting rid of dog droppings from yards. However, you can also empty cat litter boxes and do other types of waste removal, too. If you don’t mind handling a bit of unpleasantness, this could be a lucrative opportunity.

Pet Photography

Many pet photography studios are mobile so they can come right to the customer and the pet can be comfortable because they don’t have to leave home. You can combine photography and grooming so pets can look their best before their photos are taken.

Veterinary services

While these medical operations obviously require specialized education and training, if you do have the requisite education or you’re interested in pursuing it, you can find veterinary franchises to help you run your own practice.

If you love animals and you love the thought of owning your own business, a pet franchise might just be ideal for you. For help finding the right pet franchise opportunity for you, sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today and let us help you on your way to business ownership.

Jan 22, 2018