Why Do Franchise Brokers Have the Upper Hand in Today’s Economy?

Gallup poll shows American workers are emotionally disconnected from their jobs

Is it any wonder that American workers by the thousands are flocking to franchise brokers to guide them into new careers in franchise ownership?

Just take a look at a recent Gallup poll of more than 2,000 American professionals, part of a series of polls begun in late 2010 to track worker “engagement” — the degree to which workers are connected emotionally to their jobs.

The results are alarming, and telling:

  • More than half of workers, 52 percent, are not engaged in their work, and 19 percent are “actively disengaged,” leaving a mere 29 percent “engaged” — involved in and enthusiastic about their work and contributing positively to their organizations.
  • Americans who have at least some college education are significantly less likely to be engaged in their jobs than those with high school education or less.
  • Workers aged 30 to 64 are less likely to be engaged at work than those who are younger or older.
  • Perhaps the most troubling poll result: These dismal figures are in line with Gallup’s trends on workplace engagement from assorted studies since 2000. What does that tell you?

That’s why so many American workers are opting to vacate their drab, no-future corporate jobs for a career path that’s much more fulfilling and lucrative: self-employment through small business (particularly franchise) ownership.

The recent Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2012, prepared for the International Franchise Association by IHS Global Insight, projects the number of U.S. franchise establishments to increase by 13,928 and for the number of jobs to grow by about 168,000. Franchising’s economic output is expected to grow by five percent, from $745 billion to $782 billion. That’s astonishing growth considering the economy as a whole is still in the doldrums.

These entrepreneurs are discovering that franchising isn’t just food and hotels, either. Among franchise segments, the IFA report predicts strongest economic output increases from personal services (6.2 percent increase) and retail products and services (6.1 percent), and business services the highest in projected job growth at 3.6 percent. Franchising is an increasingly diverse field that driven professionals with a wide range of skills can thrive in.

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Mar 9, 2012