Why National Mentoring Month Should Matter to You

Did you know that the month of January is National Mentoring Month? Mentorships have proven to be among the most valuable connections we can have and maintain. It’s even more important when you’re an entrepreneur looking to establish business ownership of your own. Being mentored – or becoming a mentor yourself – is about developing mutually beneficial relationships that help others grow, learn, and prosper. And, as many a mentor will tell you, the growth achieved is often a two-way street.



At FranNet, our qualified franchise experts are dedicated to helping you find the best franchise opportunity that best matches up with your experience, skill set, and lifestyle preferences. In a way, you could think of our consultant–client relationship as a form of mentorship as well. While we have things we can teach you, our consultants learn new things from our clients each and every day – helping us become stronger, more effective, and more informed FranNetters. So, in honor of National Mentoring Month, we felt it necessary to share a few of the benefits that can be derived from mentorship.


It’s About Discovery

Mentorships don’t always have to be a formal arrangement. There is no protocol, nor a curriculum to follow. So long as there are two people – the mentor and the mentee – learning from one another, mentorship occurs. What’s really at stake in these relationships is the ability to discover new things. For mentees, it’s a means of expanding your horizons and learning from someone with more knowledge and experience than you currently possess. For mentors, it’s a chance to help others and guide them on a journey to discover these new experiences, ideas, and perspectives.


It’s About Measurable Growth

When you’re being mentored, you’re growing in all kinds of new ways. The mentors we choose are not only willing to spend their time, effort, and resources to coach us up – but to monitor the progress we’re making. Entrepreneurs need to set goals in order to develop a successful strategy to achieve them. If your goal is establishing business ownership through franchising, the franchise experts at FranNet can help mentor you during this exciting journey. Together, you can develop – and follow through – on each of the steps necessary for you to reach your ultimate goal – the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss.


It’s a Chance to Give Back

Many of us who have already established a successful career, or business ownership of our own, have much to share with those yet to experience these things. That’s what makes mentoring such a benevolent act – you’re willing to spend your time and resources in sharing your own story with others. All mentors have one thing in common – a desire to see their mentees succeed in the same manner as they already have. That’s not only noble, but it’s also charitable. One of the ultimate ways to give back to others is to share your experience, knowledge, and insight with another who wishes to follow the roadmap of success found in your footsteps.


Mentorship comes in all shapes and sizes, and all levels of involvement. You can tutor students on subjects where you have proficiencies. You can coach athletes to help them improve their performance. And you can mentor new employees to help them grow and prosper in their roles.


If you’ve ever been a mentor to someone before, or if you’ve been someone else’s mentee, we’d like to hear about your experience. And if you’re a budding entrepreneur who’s considering business ownership through franchising, there’s a FranNet mentor waiting to assist you in achieving this goal. Just give us a shout and we’ll take care of the rest.


Let’s Chat!

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Feb 1, 2023