Why Rules are Important for Franchisees

When a budding entrepreneur books an appointment with a qualified FranNet representative, our initial visit includes a consultation which centers on you as a person. What is your personality like? Are you Type A? Type B? (Some report Triple AAA exists). What we’re trying to ascertain is your motivations and what drives you. But not to be overlooked in this assessment of your business style is your adaptability. We need to know if you’re comfortable operating within a constrained system, designed for replication and—ultimately—success. Here’s why rules are important for future franchisees…

The franchise model is based upon buying into an established brand. Ostensibly, this brand will pre-include many operational aspects which have driven the success of the franchise component. In a sense, you can refer to these aspects as rules. The rules are in place to make sure that the processes – and output – remain consistent with the franchisors objectives in creating that success. 

Let’s use McDonald’s as an example. If you harken back to an advertising campaign the franchisor ran many moons ago, the jingle stated that Big Macs include two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun. Sounds delicious! But here’s the thing. Suppose a new franchisee decided to serve the Big Macs without the special sauce? Because, well perhaps the new business owner didn’t care for the taste of it personally. Technically, he just broke the rules. And his output was no longer a Big Mac, either.

The rules of franchise operations guarantee the consistency of the product. Numerous brand examples prove this point. Whether you’re going to H&R Block for a tax consultation, buying coffee from Dunkin Donuts or a sandwich at Jimmie John’s, the franchisor has set in place many rules to ensure that consumers experience that consistency of output. As a franchisee, you simply can’t break with the traditions that built the brand.

We bring up rules because not everyone is suited to follow them as they should. We understand that everyone is different in their approach to rules and regulations. If you’re a strong creative type and believe in utilizing your own headstrong approach—be it art, or in business, or parenting, franchising may not be the best fit for you. That’s not to say that you won’t have input on decisions or even the ability to questions your parameters as a franchisee—you will, it’s just that franchising is completely predicated on following carefully planned rules. 

As a budding entrepreneur or someone interested in one day owning a business of your own, you need to know that in our industry, franchise rules are designed to protect the strength of the franchisor’s overall brand. However, your corporate contacts and support system personnel should always be willing to listen to input. If you have an economic case to be made to your franchisor that could potentially boost productivity or profitability without harming the brand, you may end up with consideration for a rule change.

Let’s get back to personalities. If you had to self-assess your own likelihood of following well established rules within a constrained system, could you do it? Would you be able to keep up this attitude, even if you didn’t necessarily agree with the reasons? These questions are important to ponder. And it is part of what we at FranNet can help you discern. If you desire to chart a path to franchising, we can get you from point A to point B, but your personal journey continues unabated throughout the process.

Following the rules is a vital aspect of owning and operating a franchise of your own. Make sure you’re just the type of person to do so.


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Dec 7, 2017