Why Use a Franchise Consultant

At FranNet, we specialize in helping you learn about the many choices available and how to select the right business for you. We are paid by franchise companies who are searching for the right people to help grow their systems. The cost of a franchise will not change whether you use us or not…so let us help!

We’ll guide you through our 5-step process to help you make the right franchise choice:

  1. Profile: We will meet with you to profile your skills, experience, personality, dreams, and goals.
  2. Model: We’ll work together to create a model of what you want from your business and your life.
  3. Match: We will match your model with possible franchise fits that are worthy of your investigation.
  4. Research: We help guide you through the research process so that you get the facts you need to make a wise decision.
  5. Invest: When you’ve found the right fit and are ready to move ahead, we’ll help you locate financing sources, franchise attorneys, and other helpful resources.

Ed Cano, owner of The Collision Shop franchise in Troy on Maple Road, had been searching for a franchise, but just wasn’t finding the right match. Then he attended one of my franchise seminars and thought that the FranNet process might be helpful for him and his wife, Debbie. “Mark made us think about what we were good at. He encouraged us to consider such things as location, hours, employees, and the type of work we’d be doing. He reminded us to keep an open mind.

Mark is an exceptional listener and he was able to match our goals as a family with several possible opportunities out there. His counsel was invaluable throughout the process.” One of those opportunities, The Collision Shop, offered Ed what he wanted out of a business. “It was close to home, offered flexibility for a family life and community involvement, and there was a direct correlation between hard work and seeing the fruits of your labor,” he explained.

Most of the people I help are referred to me by area professionals or satisfied past clients. Many have been looking at franchising websites and magazines, and are confused and frustrated by the array of choices, and even the lack of response from the companies they’ve attempted to contact. I focus my clients’ attention on defining their own model and then encourage them to investigate a select group of pre-screened franchises that fit their model, including affordability and availability in the geographic area preferred. This strategy increases the likelihood of successfully finding the right fit while decreasing the frustration level, saving my clients valuable time and money in the process.

If you’re serious about pursuing the dream of independence through business ownership, perhaps you should take a strategic approach to finding the right fit for you. Engaging the free services of a FranNet consultant may be the best place to start!

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