I Am Business Owner, Hear Me Roar

Businesses owned by females are on the rise! Recently, the US Census Bureau released data showing the growth rate of new businesses remained stagnant, but that of women-owned businesses has soared. Between 2007 and 2012, women-owned businesses grew 27% average. In 2012 alone, they show a 36% increase! That’s almost double the growth rate of male-owned firms.
It’s not all roses. Women still face many obstacles in entrepreneurship, particularly in being able to access capital. The growth rate has shown perseverance through those obstacles as new approaches and strategies emerge.
So what’s the point? If women are up to the challenge in regard to successful business ownership, then why am I making a point to separate “women’s ownership” rather than just talking about total ownership? If we want equal opportunity, why are we segmenting ourselves? I personally wrestled with this one for a few hours. Ultimately it boils down to this: the marketplace and industry benefit with greater diversity.
  • New Understanding. Women as owners and top executives offer fresh and unique insight into female customers’ wants and needs.
  • Increased Competition. The market and industry are elevated with additional and diverse competition from both male and female owned corporations.
  • Increased Market Options. Customers, clients, and consumers have more choices – new or improved solutions that open new markets.
  • Employment Growth. Different leadership styles attract different groups of employees as well and increase overall job opportunities.
  • Women-Owned Business Growth. Maybe there are women out there who just need a little more encouragement to begin their own journey. It’s a movement that’s got momentum.
Have you ever considered business ownership? Not sure where to start? It can be a daunting journey for sure, but it’s worth looking into. Think of what you could gain; professional freedom, more time with family, financial security, career fulfillment, independece, and more. Now is the time for women to explore ownership options. Here are two great opportunities this month to learn more and get started on your own entrepreneurial journey.
  • Startups & Stilettos – presented by Cincy Chic and Bad Girl Ventures
    • When: Friday, September 11 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Where: PNC Bank – 5th Street Cincinnati, OH
    • Get FREE admission with coupon code FRANNET
    • An evening of networking, refreshments, a fashion show featuring local women-owned businesses, information booths, and shopping
    • When: Tuesday, September 22 2:00pm – 3:30pm
    • Where: Online
    • Online webinar that will cover business ownership exploration and help you understand the unique business opportunities available to women
    • Webinar is FREE to all attendees!
Stop trying to break the glass ceiling and create your own organization without limits.
Janet Heil is Marketing & Client Services Coordinator for FranNet MidAmerica in Cincinnati, OH as well as a freelance marketer. FranNet MidAmerica works with individuals and families to find the right business ownership opportunity that fits their unique skills, values, and goals. To learn more – contact Janet HERE.

Aug 1, 2019