Sharpening The Pencil: continuing education with Indiana SBDC

As part of FranNet’s new economic programming partnership with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC), the ISBDC recently invited me to participate in their Onboarding Training for new business advisors.  It turned out to be a wonderful learning opportunity for someone, like myself, who works closely with Hoosiers considering local business ownership.

Training began by discussing ISBDC’s mission to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in creating positive and measurable economic impact, by providing expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources.  FranNet’s partnership complements this by providing entrepreneurship education and franchise concept alternatives, as part of business start-up discovery process.

Their engaging onboarding highlighted the ISBDC’s commitment and efforts in identifying the needs of Indiana small businesses in creating jobs, raising capital, starting businesses and appropriately serving targets markets.   Interim State Director, Jane Rich, provided an overview of the Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship (OSBE) who oversees the ISBDC and detailed how entrepreneurship services are disseminated through 10 regional ISBDC offices throughout Indiana.   The three-day process covered business feasibility, industry research, loan and financing, and break-even analysis which were found particularly valuable in my entrepreneurship counseling.

Overall, it was time well spent learning about pertinent impact programs which have created significant prosperity throughout Indiana with honesty, responsiveness and integrity.  Valuable knowledge provided by a significant service provider in Indiana.

Aug 1, 2019