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Why You Should Quit Your Job

It’s a dead end, the pay is dismal, you’re subject to someone else’s whims — and franchising offers a better path (from   You should quit your job. Seriously. You probably won’t. But you should. Most of us hate our jobs. Well, OK, maybe we don’t hate them. But a lot of us find our jobs [...]

Upcoming Events: Seattle & Portland Business and Franchise Expos

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business or franchise? Are you going through a career transition or want to leave the corporate rat race? Are you looking for creative ways to finance your business? Do you wonder if there is more to franchises than burgers and sub shops? Are you just ready to [...]

See Why Seattle is One of the 10 Best Cities to Start Your Own Business

Seattle may best be known as the birthplace of great coffee and as a city with exceptional amounts of rain. But, did you know that Seattle is also one of the 10 best cities for starting your own business? Kiplinger took a look at cities across the U.S., ranking them by concentration of small businesses, [...]